So fuckin’ what?

If this offends you then blame Al Jahom and then kindly fuck all the way off – he started me revisiting old punk favourites…

And here’s the cunting song again – with yours truly on guitar; second from right.

Sorry about the embedding option being off, but you can still watch with a single click.

I’ll see what I can do to rectumfy matters…

UPDATE: Just click on the above video and it will now work.

Many thanks to Mark – guitarist extraordinaire.


Far be it from me to embed a Tory-inspired video, but sometimes you have to expose some people for the lying sacks of shit that they are…

In this case the truth is the most important thing.

Unless you’re Derek Draper, that is…

A small act of rebellion

Just been sent the link to this photo by a friend:


It was taken in Norwich at the now shut Zavvi store.

Someone working there was very disgruntled indeed, it would appear.

Who can blame them?