English Democrats, racism and censorship

A guest spot on the blog from a fellow EDP fan…

For all you need to know about the English Democrats Party, the views they hold, the way they conduct themselves, their attitude to their own members, their committment to freedom of expression, their total lack of racism or religious bigotry, follow this link: and please don’t fall for the “admin’s views are not necessarily those of the party” line – the admins are senior members of the party, and their comments are allowed to remain even when blatantly and insanely racist.


It is a series of screen captures – unfortunately one has to do this when dealing with people who claim they believe in free speech but actually censor comments on their site.

For the technically foolish (like me), the screen captures are in numerical order, starting bottom right. Click on the first one, read the comment underneath it, and enlarge it by clicking “all sizes” at the top left under the picture title. Then go back to the photostream and move on to the next one.