English Democrats, racism and censorship

A guest spot on the blog from a fellow EDP fan…

For all you need to know about the English Democrats Party, the views they hold, the way they conduct themselves, their attitude to their own members, their committment to freedom of expression, their total lack of racism or religious bigotry, follow this link: and please don’t fall for the “admin’s views are not necessarily those of the party” line – the admins are senior members of the party, and their comments are allowed to remain even when blatantly and insanely racist.


It is a series of screen captures – unfortunately one has to do this when dealing with people who claim they believe in free speech but actually censor comments on their site.

For the technically foolish (like me), the screen captures are in numerical order, starting bottom right. Click on the first one, read the comment underneath it, and enlarge it by clicking “all sizes” at the top left under the picture title. Then go back to the photostream and move on to the next one.


How to take the EDP seriously

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here.

Vast amounts of decorating have been going on but now this latest phase of getting the house presentable for eventual sale later this year is over, I’m now on holiday and the coast is relatively clear.

Apart from the decorating, I’ve also been spending quite a lot of time posting to and reading the Facebook group set up to oppose Doncaster’s new mayor, Peter Davies.

It’s been an interesting experience to say the least.

Inevitably, you get visitors from the English Democrats Party – as I’ve detailed elsewhere – and whilst some are prepared to participate in debate, others just come on and rant in a most unpleasant and counter-productive manner.

And these rants aren’t just coming from rank and file supporters, but from prospective European and UK parliamentary candidates.

Now, far be it from me to tell anyone how to run a political party, but what I can say – having observed how parties have presented themselves to the electorate over four decades of being eligible to vote – is that no-one ever got votes by calling voters idiots.

Such indiscretions can’t be undone, either.

We live in an age when information and data can be preserved for everyone to see at anytime, in spite of people’s best efforts to conceal it.

Once you say something like the following, you’re stuck with it:

Hello again pc loonies. Are you STILL caterwauling. Did none of you bother to answer my questions about what gives YOU the right to an opinion on somebody who is not even two weeks into his job?

You’re just not representative of normal people these days. Most NORMAL people think you would have been consigned to an asylum years ago.

And this person wants your vote?

Now, however, it seems that one or two people in the EDP are starting to ‘get it’.

What’s said now on this here interweb thing can come back to haunt you later on down the line – and will, as long as people have a yen to report news for those willing to read it whether it’s in the MSM or the blogosphere.

That’s why you rarely get such behaviour displayed by the vast majority of political parties.

They’re wise to it.

And it’s hardly political rocket science, is it?

Similarly a few people in the EDP seem to have twigged that if you allow racist comments to remain on your Facebook page then this will do a party which claims not to be racist no favours whatsoever.

A few even seem to be saying that abusing people who disagree with you is perhaps not the best approach and that reasoned argument might be more productive.

Another EDP ‘debating’ tactic is to brand everyone who disagrees with them a ‘loony lefty’.

Well, some critics might well be coming from the left but not all – and certainly not this blogger.

Such labeling is simplistic and just a plain lazy debating tactic.

It’s far easier to lump your opponents together into one homogenous group rather than deal with several different opposing viewpoints.

It’s also inefficient as you’re not going to address all your opponents – only the ones you have targeted.

My criticism of the EDP can be summed up very easily and it has nothing to do with any particular political stance on my part.

I disapprove of the way Peter Davies was voted in as Mayor after standing on a platform of promises he hadn’t checked were able to be kept and I dislike some of the ways in which the EDP present themselves badly and then go on to attack criticism of this public image that they themselves have manufactured in ways which have never been and never will be acceptable from a politician of any party.

I’ve never known anything like it emanating from any political party which took itself even remotely seriously.

I’d have the same criticisms no matter what the party was.

It’s not everyone, but I get the distinct impression that certain prominent figures in the EDP are far more concerned with getting support in quantity rather than quality and that some have very few scruples as to how they do it.

Does this mean that the party is fatally ‘holed beneath the waterline’?

Well, some think so.

In my opinion, the EDP may be salvageable as a credible political party if it starts to behave like one and treat the electorate and also its critics with respect and also ensures that all racist references are removed from public forums such as the EDP’s Facebook group.

How do you take this sort of public statement seriously?

You are all pathetic whingers with no foundation in reality and you are running around like headless chickens because YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED AND YOU KNOW IT. Oh but it won’t be like you think it is. You will all be choking on your words and feeling utterly stupid when you realise just what it is you are criticising.

It’s a question the EDP should be asking itself if it wants to gain credibility.

Alcopops? Non!

Could this be the saddest Facebook group of all time?

5 very concerned French citizens have banded together to encourage moderation when drinking alcopops.

Si une jeune fille de 14 ans qui pèse 48
kg boit deux alcopops (soit 24 grammes
d’alcool), elle aura un taux d’alcool dans
le sang d’environ 0.9 pour mille.

Basically, if a 14 year old girl of average weight drinks two bottles of alcopops she’ll end up a bit pissed.

Pas de merde, Sherlock…

The English Democrats Party reacts to ‘celebrity endorsement’ revelations

Received as a comment on this article just now: 16.16, 15/6/09 – from ‘English Nationalist’ at http://www.engdem.org/

Excellent Steve – we were waiting for someone to do this.

Are these celebrities who made their fortune by being English & Proud, going to deny a connection.

Let’s see what happens.

Seems as if the EDP don’t like me exposing their celebrity endorsements for the sham that they truly are.

As for ‘these celebrities who made their fortunes by being English & Proud’ denying a connection, would they be the same celebrities who weren’t asked if they minded their names being used in connection with the EDP, whose names have been used to mislead the public into thinking they support the EDP and who, in the case of Mr Carling and Mr Bragg, seem all too eager to distance themselves from the EDP as far as possible?

What makes you think that any of the other celebrities will feel anything other than distaste and outrage at such cheap and devious tactics?

Yes, let’s see what happens.


The same guy’s just commented again on another article:

Well done, Steve, you are doing the work of the English Democrats for them.

Finally we can get these celebrities aware of the English Democrats

Thank you Steve

So, these endorsers aren’t already aware?


I think it’s time the frothing fool went here.

EDP ‘celebrity endorsers’ – the story so far…

Celebrities, or their agents, now informed:

  • Will Carling
  • Jeremy Paxman
  • Sir Bobby Charlton
  • Dame Judi Dench
  • Billy Bragg
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • John Cleese

Details, etc below in my blog and more to come.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to nominate a celebrity from the EDP’s Facebook list of ‘celebrity endorsers’, just contact me, tell me your choice and I’ll do my best to contact them or their agent.

If Peter the Punter Mayor Davies is reading this, maybe he’d like to have a punt on who gets chosen next…

EDP Facebook fakery – Jeremy Paxman’s agent now informed

Let’s hope Paxo gives the EDP a good kicking.

EDP Facebook fakery – John Cleese’s agent informed

John Cleese‘s agent now contacted…

More to come.

EDP Fakebook – Dame Judi Dench’s agent contacted

I’ve just passed on details of Dame Judi’s EDP endorsement page to her agent.

They sounded very interested and requested all details.

I naturally obliged…

I’ll keep you posted.

Billy Bragg’s manager on the EDP’s ‘celebrity endorsements’ scam


I’ve just had a chat on the phone with Billy Bragg’s manager at Sincere Management – a very nice guy called Peter Jenner – about the English Democrats Party hijacking Billy’s name for their ‘celebrity endorsement’ Facebook pages.

He already knows about it and he and Billy are – and I quote – ‘outraged’ and is actively working to get any references to Billy removed from any EDP Facebook pages.

As many of us have heard, Facebook – whilst being a very popular social networking tool – does cause certain ‘issues’ for people and Peter Jenner was finding dealing with them very frustrating.

As a direct approach seems ineffective, he’s now going to take whatever legal action he can to get Billy’s name removed from the relevant pages.

If anyone reading this has any further suggestions about how Billy Bragg’s name can be cleared off the EDP Facebook pages, please contact me and I’ll pass them on to Mr Jenner who will be very grateful for any help.

The English Democrats, Will Carling, Billy Bragg and Fakebook celebrity ‘endorsements’


Over on the anti-Davies Facebook group there have been some very exciting developments.

Yesterday we got visited by a couple of EDP stooges who seemed to be on a sort of ‘shift’ system.

One appeared and started giving it all the ‘loony lefty’ stuff – with appalling spelling and punctuation, but eventually left when I insulted him by suggesting that he wasn’t ‘the sharpest chisel in the tool box’.

Then another one appeared almost straight away. More literate this time, but still obsessed with thinking that anyone who opposed the EDP was a socialist. He stayed but either couldn’t or wouldn’t back up some creative statistics he was parroting.

Just another evening on Facebook you might think.

But then it got very interesting indeed.

I’d seen the EDP celebrity endorsements before, but shelved closer examination because I was a tad busy with Davies on here, but Joanne* on the group had obviously thought this was worth pursuing so she contacted one of them – Rugby star Will Carling.

She told him that his name was being used in connection with the EDP.

He actually replied, saying:

“I do not endorse any bloody political party! can u send me a link and I will tell the bastards to take me off their page”

The second EDP stooge who was present at the time commented:

Btw, you are right about those bloody stupid celebrity endorsements, who ever thought of that is in need of a kick up the arse.

So, let’s get this straight…

The EDP are using dodgy celebrity endorsements on Facebook.

It isn’t only Will Carling.

It looks as if other celebrities are unwittingly ‘supporting’ the EDP.

So far, we’ve found

  • Will Carling
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Cheryl Baker
  • Hugh Grant
  • Sir Bobby Charlton

and many more.

This page is particularly interesting.

Look through the list there and you’ll notice many famous faces, all with English Democrats after their name.

If I wrote my name and then appended ‘English Democrats’ to it, then most people would assume that I was a member or at least a supporter.

Fair enough, let’s give the EDP the benefit of the doubt and say that they are endorsed by dozens of celebrities.

But if you look closely, amongst those celebrities you’ll find Billy Bragg.


To think that our Billy supports the EDP isn’t so much a test of one’s credulity as a giant leap of faith challenging all the known scientific laws in the universe.

Billy ‘Red Wedge’ Bragg?

Here’s what Billy ‘says’ on his own EDP Facebook page:

I am English & Proud – Are YOU ?

Strangely – or not by now – it’s exactly what other EDP ‘celebrity endorsers’ also say – including people as diverse as John Cleese, Mick Jagger and Jeremy Paxman.

Now, either the EDP has celebrities queuing up to endorse them, or there’s something a bit suspicious going on here and I don’t think you have to be Einstein to realise what it is.

It seems that you can set up a sort of  ‘fan’ page, include celebrities and then add whatever you want – even giving them quotes that say anything you want.

Members of the EDP even ‘talk’ to the celebrities on their own celebrity page.

Here’s what a couple of EDP members say to Jeremy Paxman:

Now you would give the till dippers something to Worry about.Good on you.

Aha, the bulldog of political journalism; go bite ’em Mr P and get the words “English Democrats” onto Newsnight sometime soon!

I contacted Jeremy Clarkson and Sir Bobby Charlton last night and I’m going to carry on going through that EDP Facebook list.

Stay tuned – things could start to get even more interesting.

*Virtual bottle of champagne to Joanne’s virtual table, please waiter!