Bashing the bishop

Blimey…you turn your back (that was completely unintentional) for a few days and there’s nothing but homophobia in the news.

We’ve got Labour shitting their pants because they know they’re going to get thrashed at the next General Election and accusing the Tories of being homophobic in some sort of desperate smear tactic.

All I can say to that is ‘Alan Duncan’.

Then there’s Ed ‘I’m a fucking idiot but I’m dead lucky with it because I’ve conned Gordon into thinking I’m indispensible’ Balls who is going to outlaw the term ‘gay’ in school when used as an insult.

All I can say to that is ‘how gay can you get?’

Then there’s the real jewel in the crown…

Meet the Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali*:

This grinning twat wants homosexuals to:

repent and be changed


WTF is this useless prick on about?

Being homosexual isn’t a matter of voluntary ‘sinning’ like shoplifting, rape or genocide. It’s something that you can’t help knowing is part of you, just as I know that I’m heterosexual.

Using an unfortunate choice of words (my emphasis) he’s also stated:

“We want to hold on to the traditional teaching of the Church. We don’t want to be rolled over by culture and trends in the Church.”

What’s with this ‘we’ crap?

The whole Church of England?

The whole country?


Speak for yourself, you fucking moron.

He’s going in September.


Fuck off you reactionary cunt.

It’s 2009 – not 1909.

*Interesting middle name – drop the ‘r’ and it really couldn’t be more apt.

Darling – the beginning of the end

A much younger Darling after a Grecian 2000 disaster

It looks as if we’ll have a new bloke at No 11 Downing Street fairly soon.

Not even waiting a few days to give Darling a push, Gordon Brown already has him on the edge of the precipice , saying his final prayers and nudging him ever so gently but ever so gradually over towards oblivion:

Mr Brown declined to confirm that Mr Darling would still be in his current job in the next ten days and side-stepped a question about having full confidence in the Chancellor.

Although it was widely rumoured that Brown had Balls lined up to take over from Darling in a cabinet reshuffle at the end of this week, the news that Darling’s expenses are even more Byzantine than we thought they were has made the PM’s job a little easier and he can look as if he’s ‘punishing’  the soon to be ex-Chancellor now.

So, Friday should see Balls esconced in No 11 and Darling relegated to the backbenches.

It’s nothing to be pleased about, though.

Balls won no friends the last time he worked from No 11 in a past post under one G. Brown and his woeful tenure as Education Secretary during which he has presided over one disaster after another – and not been brought to book over his ineptitudes – doesn’t amount to a track record that will inspire confidence in him from anybody.

All that can be said is that Brown now has his mate Balls well-placed as a key ally in his struggle to make Labour electable at the next General Election.

Not that it’s going to all go to ratshit for Labour then.

It’s already gone to ‘Ratshit? That’s kiddy stuff!’ on the Ratshitometer and all we can hope is that Brown and Balls don’t fuck our economy up any further than it’s fucked up already.

Don’t – as they say – hold your breath…

One last point, I wonder if Darling feels betrayed enough to attack Brown?

Things could get rather interesting if he suddenly acquired a taste for some acts of revenge.


Brown has stated that Darling’s claims will have to be ‘investigated’.

I wonder, could Darling soon be the Howe to Brown’s Thatcher?

Go on, Ali – deck the bugger!

PS – I’ve just thought that if Brown has to announce another desperate reshuffle before the next Election and appoints a new Chancellor then I can title the blog entry ‘Brown drops Balls!’

Well, it amuses me…

Ed Balls’ ‘Ed’s hotline’ balls

Ken didn’t like Ed taking him up the Oxo Tower

This made me really fucking angry:

(Balls) billed the taxpayer for a new phone line, dubbed “Ed’s hotline”, to be installed in his office.

A note accompanying the bill explained that Mr Balls wanted the number so that he could “speak to the office when he needs to and we know it is him when it rings”.

A new BT phone line costs about £120 to install and then you have to pay rental and, of course, call costs.

However, if you get BT Call Sign – an add-on service which allocates a new additional number to your existing BT line and then gives you a distinctive ring pattern so you know which number the caller is accessing – then that costs £5 a quarter.

Call Sign would have done the job as ‘Ed’s hotline’  perfectly well for £20 a year.

But no, Ed goes ahead and makes sure that we, the taxpayers, pay at least £180 (and that’s before anyone’s run up any call costs) in the first year, and at least £60 in each subsequent year.

No consideration for economising, no regard for expense, just bill the fucking taxpayer for Ed’s fucking poxy vanity-fuelled hotline.

Troughing fucking cunt.

And ‘Ed’s hotline’…

I can imagine the staff in his office hearing the phone for his hotline ringing and thinking, ‘Oh shit – it’s that cunt again.’

How to be a prize cunt or Ed Balls

Not quite the Ed Balls/rope interface we’d like to see

– around the neck would be far more fitting…

Spend a lousy few quid on a couple of Remberance Day wreaths and then try and claim it on your expenses – particularly when your wife’s raking in the expenses bucks too.

Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, attempted to claim for two Remembrance Sunday poppy wreaths. The claim was rejected by the fees office.

Tight bastard.

Balls to the wall tomorrow?

According to Iain Dale it may be the turn of Ed Balls and his missus to get named and shamed in the Torygraph tomorrow.

Could this be the big one?

Let’s hope so!

Why hasn’t the Telegraph nailed Balls yet?

It’s interesting how there’s been a resounding silence in the columns of the Telegraph about the expenses of Ed Balls and his MP wife Yvette Cooper. They’ve been in the news before regarding some funny business with their second homes allowance and they must really be raking in the bucks with them both having their porcine snouts in the trough but – so far – nothing…

I offer some suggestions for this silence below:

  • The Telegraph is saving up a BIG story to keep people reading it
  • Balls and Cooper have obtained some sort of secret injunction to gag the paper
  • They’ve not only obeyed all the allowances rules, but also kept within the spirit of them

Nail Balls – forget Cooper – and you really will have hit the floundering Brownite hulk below the waterline.

Let’s hope the shit we’re all sure is there hits the fan soon…