“I’ve not had a drink today, officer.”

Pisshead ex-judge Bruce ‘Sober as a judge’ Macmillan is in the news again.

A little closer to a prison term (not that he’ll get one, he used to be a judge) but neatly exposed for the cunt that he undoubtedly is:

Prosecutor Adrian Hollanby told the court that when officers stopped Macmillan they found the vodka and an empty can of an energy drink in the passenger footwell of his car.

The policeman then asked Macmillan if he had drunk alcohol in the last 20 minutes and he denied it, adding: “I’ve not had a drink today, officer.”

A roadside breath test proved positive, and when the judge was tested again at Leyland police station the reading was 111 micrograms in 100 millilitres of breath.

The legal limit is 35 micrograms.

Of course, such a case has other ramifications for a public figure such as Bruce ‘Bucky’ Macmillan, who’s been done for drink-driving before:

The Ministry of Justice said today he had resigned as a circuit judge with immediate effect.

Very commendable.

Well, it is until you read this…

By stepping down he loses his £128,000-a-year salary, but avoids the shame of being disrobed by the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor.

Even if Bruce ‘Mine’s a treble vodka and Red Bull’ Macmillan escapes being some 6’6″ sweaty con’s ‘best friend’ in prison he still gets to escape real shame.

Is there nothing these cunts can’t get away with?