More Doncaster mayoral follies

Mr and Mrs Midgley from the CAPC and an interested party

When it comes to woolly thinking, woolly expressions come in handy – expressions like ‘political correctness’.

Ask the many people who use the term ‘political correctness’ what exactly it means, and five will get you ten that very few of them will come out with anything but some anecdotal twaddle.

As I see it, the term covers a multitude of largely failed attempts to address what are perceived as imbalances and unfairness in our society that are simply a natural consequence of individual and group differences.

These attempts to make our society more equal seem to have done nothing but waste a serious amount of money and alienate many people who would rather be left to plough their own furrows.

However, such is the power of the concept in capturing the attention of those amongst us with limited imagination that there’s even a campaign to eradicate ‘political correctness’.

But what’s this I see?

Why, it’s our old friend Peter the Punter and his new chums the Campaign Against Political Correctness’ very own co-founders Mr and Mrs Midgley:

Following the election of Peter Davies in Doncaster, the Campaign Against Political Correctness is pleased to announce that it will be working closely with the Mayor in his term of office to fulfil his election pledge to stamp out political correctness wherever possible.

The first official meeting between the Mayor and the Co-Founders of the Campaign took place on 5th August 2009 and it was very productive!  The Mayor is a founder member of the Campaign Against Political Correctness and John Midgley said: “What we have got in Mayor Davies is a Mayor who has been elected on a platform to reduce and eliminate PCness in Doncaster. People are crying out for it. We commissioned a survey recently that said 80 per cent of people are fed up to the back teeth with it. What we are here today to do is to look at the sorts of institutional PC that Doncaster has… and where possible to assist the Mayor in providing advice on where PC can be cut.

“Further details will be posted here in due course….

Even the Mail carried a story about it:

A town’s mayor has brought in ‘experts’ to root out political correctness in his council, targeting groups aimed at ethnic minorities and women.

Doncaster’s elected mayor Peter Davies has drafted in Laura and John Midgley, from the Campaign Against Political Correctness, to see what can be ditched.

Among the groups they have already identified as too politically correct are an ethnic minorities welfare rights service and a racial multi-agency partnership.

Now, that’s more like it, Peter Davies can finally deliver on another election pledge.

But, oh dear, banana skin alert!

I’ve just read this in the Doncaster Free Press:

The Ethnic Minorities Welfare Rights Team was last week singled out for criticism by the Campaign Against Political Correctness (CAPC), who were brought in to advise Mr Davies on “PC” services that could be reformed.

John Midgley of the CAPC said the team was “the sort of divide and rule policy that is outdated not only in Doncaster but in the country as a whole”.

So far, so good…

But then the bombshell drops:

But this week the council’s managing director Paul Hart confirmed that the service had not existed since 2006.

In an email to Tim Brown, of the town’s BME Community Forum, Mr Hart wrote: “In 2006 the Welfare Rights Team became externally funded to deliver outreach sessions at numerous locations across the borough to anyone who approached them. The two members of staff who prior to that were known as the Ethnic Minorities Welfare Rights Team formed part of that team and no longer specifically targeted ethnic minority groups.”

Mr Brown told the Free Press: “I am concerned that Mayor Davies’ ‘political correctness’ campaign is not based on fact. In the absence of any reasonable explanation it would appear that the campaign is a smokescreen for attacking minority groups.

“This approach can be seen as divisive and undermines community cohesion.” He added: “I think the mayor is missing the point and they will find that Doncaster Council isn’t ‘politically correct’.

Fortunately, as the Mail points out…

Mr and Mrs Midgley are not being paid for their advice

…as said advice was worth precisely nothing.

And all this within the space of less than a fortnight…

By the way, before some fellow Libertarian bloggers – you know who you are – start to get too excited about Peter Davies and his attacks on the ‘righteous’ please examine his party and also some of his gaffes as mayor.

He’s no saviour, I assure you.

The new Doncaster Mayor speaks

From here.*

…I also find that the councillors are fighting like rats in a sack not only between the parties but inside their own parties too.

Heaven forbid that any party – no matter how small – should have its members disagreeing with each other…

*Just in case some moronic fuckwit comes on here and starts giving me a lot of gob about editing quotes and using them out of context, a link is there in the second word of this article. In my browser it’s underlined and blue. People reading this are invited to go to the site linked to and make their own minds up as to my integrity and honesty.

Wheelie bad news

Hmm…a bit of free time, so a cruise through the news…

World news…Ooh, Iran…OK there…nice and quiet…and North Korea won the footy…well done, them! So much for the ‘axis of evil’ and regional instability in the Far and Middle East.

The Economy…ah…lots of green shoots, so everything OK by Christmas. Two jobs for everyone and maybe some tax cuts next year!

Politics…nice to see full transparency over the MPs’ expenses…no need to bother with any reforms there. Carry on chaps – and dredge another moat on me, why don’t you?

Health…lots of dosh sloshing round in the NHS…waiting lists so short they’re begging you to have an op even if you don’t need one.

Local news…Doncaster’s well set…new EDP Mayor who’s going to clean up the town…Utopia by the autumn!

Everything’s great!

Not much news at all.

Which must explain why the Daily Mail is making such a big deal over this – even to the extent of launching a campaign.

Child abuse…economic ruin…criminal justice system broken…parliamentary corruption…


It’s those evil, evil wheelie bins that are the source of all mankind’s woes.

To Paul Dacre…it’s not the bins you twat…it’s the EU directives on waste you should be concerned about…

Doncaster Mayor – another U-turn?

Compare what Davies said about job losses in the Council during the trainwreck that was his first broadcast interview :

TF: …one of the big things on your campaign was that you’re going to cut ‘PC jobs’.

PD: Oh yeah, that’s a different thing altogether, er-

TF: Which jobs are those?

PD: Well, er, I’m going to look into that. Things like Diversity Officers, er, the things that are usually advertised in the Manchester-, well, it’s not the Manchester Guardian now – in the Guardian…

TF: Right, so have-, so, so hang on, so so there are politically…

PD: I mean, I can’t give you a full list at the moment, but I will…

TF: But that’s what you put on your manifesto – you must have had an idea on your manifesto what you were talking about?

PD: Yeah, yeah, all these people who are, sort of, controlling thought processes and this sort of thing, and er, erm… every department is riddled with this sort of nonsense these days.

TF: So currently then, this morning, Doncaster Council is riddled with people who are, who are doing this kind of nonsense, ah… and they’re on notice, are they? People are going to lose their jobs?

PD: Er, very likely.

TF: But we don’t know who they are, yeah? But certainly Diversity Officers…

PD: Obviously I… I’m… well, that sort of thing, yes.

TF: So, the Diversity Officer who’s getting ready for work this morning at Doncaster might as well not bother?

PD: Well, he’s… he’s in employment at the moment…

TF: But he won’t be for long?

Then read this:

Peter Davies won a shock victory in Doncaster having campaigned on a radical manifesto that included a purge of “politically correct non-jobs” and the end to council-funded translation services.

But speaking to LGC (Local Government Chronicle) after meeting the new mayor for the first time, managing director Paul Hart said he had been able to reassure staff Mr Davies did not want to see a wave of job losses.

“He has strong views on certain issues but he is also pragmatic on what can be achieved,” Mr Hart said.

“He has been very clear that on staffing issues a lot of his comments have been misinterpreted by the media.

“He’s looking to work together with staff to improve services and utilise vacancies as they arise. The last thing he says he wants to do is put people out of work and into difficulties.”

  • So Peter the Punter promises job cuts in his manifesto
  • When faced by Toby Foster he says he’s still going ahead with the cuts – even with the first hint of a dawning realization that all may not be possible on Planet Davies
  • Then he shows a new found pragmatism and says he doesn’t want to put these people who are ‘controlling thought processes’ out of a job

‘Misinterpreted by the media’?


Read what he promised in his manifesto and listen to what he said to Toby Foster.

Davies is now backpedaling furiously.

It all sounds like another U-turn to me…

How long before he reneges on all his promises?

How long before the people who voted for Davies realize that they’ve been done up like a kipper?

UPDATE: I’ve just been accused of selectively quoting in this article in order to mislead readers by some clueless Neanderthal EDP moron* (who can’t even write his own fucking language properly) on the anti-Davies Facebook group.

I always try and provide links to the quotes so that readers can examine them in context and make up their own minds. I’m not like some people in the EDP who just expect you to roll over and swallow anything.

If I do edit quotes then it’s because I want to keep their size down to make the articles reasonably succinct and also it’s not always pertinent or relevant to quote the whole source – everyone does it, from humble bloggers to top Fleet Street journos.

*Yes, the twat really annoyed me – cretin…

EDP update…and is the Doncaster Mayor at the races?

In between wondering how Peter the Punter is getting on at Doncaster Races this weekend (if he’s gone) and whether he will back Spitfire (as advised by top turf tipster Honest SteveShark) and save the Council*, I am able to report that the English Democrats Party now has a new forum – many thanks to Mr Rob for this info.

It’s very quiet in there at the moment, but it’s very new and I’m guessing that the old regulars haven’t worked up sufficient zealous frothing to really make an impression yet.

It should be a good source of intelligence – as in information, not brainpower! – for those wishing to fill in what the EDP manifesto doesn’t tell you and discover what some of those ‘at the top’ really think.

*If Spitfire wins and Davies has put a few bob on it then I will be severely pissed off!

UPDATE: Phew! Spitfire was a non-runner. That means that 1) Peter the Punter will arrive for work tomorrow shirtless, 2) the Council budget will have been blown on a duff nag or 3) it’ll be the Racing Post on his desk as usual.

My money’s on option number 3…

Doncaster Free Press – new mayor story

I wonder if this story will provoke over 360 comments like the last one about Peter the Punter Davies did?

I notice that the EDP are on there SHOUTING as usual.

Please tell them it’s annoying and that it makes them sound demented…don’t tell them your real name if they ask and you’re using a nick…oh, and watch out for them mentioning ‘libel’…

Don’t give them the satisfaction of joining in with their little mind games.

All comments, as ever, are welcomed.

The new Mayor of Doncaster – good news for lawyers?

This is from the English Democrats section of the British Democracy Forum.

It’s written by someone who I believe is representing the English Lobby.

(The English Lobby is sort of the legal arm of several organizations – including the EDP which, of course, is Davies’ party – and they appear to like taking people to court.)

Regarding Davies the BDF poster says:

The joy of his position is that, having been lawfully elected, he can implement what he perceives to be reasonable and lawful safe in the knowledge that, in addition to being indemnified, he can face, armed with public funds, any PC clever-clogs who challenges him in the courts. Whether or not he loses, he can bring into stark relief all the unwanted encumbrances so enthusiastically dumped on the citizens of Doncaster and elsewhere in England.

Note the cavalier fashion with which Doncaster’s community charge payers are viewed.

An assumption is made that they will fund legal battles in court regarding matters of EDP principle and because it’s not party money then it doesn’t matter if  Davies loses because it will still publicise the EDP’s causes.

How is that going to help Doncaster if all the thousands of pounds saved by Peter the Punter the mayor cutting services and sacking workers ends up in the pockets of lawyers?

More Doncaster mayoral follies exposed

More great stuff from Welcome to the North!

Another in the ‘Mayorwatch’ series which closely examines exactly which of Peter the Punter’s the new Doncaster Mayor’s promises he may be able to keep, and thus how much egg is going to end up on his face after a few months in office.

By the way, some people are hotlinking to the mp3 of Davies’ Radio Sheffield interview – now an internet classic – which is rather naughty. If you don’t know what hotlinking is then you’re almost certainly not guilty of it but if you do and you’re one of those hotlinking, please respect Welcome to the North’s bandwidth and stop it, please.

Doncaster Mayor and EDP round up

I thought it might be a good idea to post a sort of resource/round up article so people can more easily explore the wonderful wacky world of Doncaster’s new mayor, Peter Davies, and the party he represents – the English Democrats Party (EDP)

Firstly, Boatang and Demetriou’s blog which started the whole thing rolling here and made me aware of the EDP. There are many articles here over the past couple of weeks which will tell you a great deal about the EDP. Read the comments. too – there are many different points of view expressed in them which help to put the party into perspective.

Welcome to the North has an excellent article on how one of Davies’ promises will be nigh on impossible  to keep and also has the original transcript of Davies’ now legendary Radio Sheffield interview with Toby Foster.

The interview itself can be found tucked away within a BBC Radio Podcast here – skip to about 5 minutes in.

I’ve also been hard at work with extracting just the interview from the podcast and successfully battling with my ISP to get an mp3 of Foster and Davies uploaded here– Quicktime needed.

Over at the Doncaster Free Press web site, the story covering the election – worth a read, too – has follow up comments underneath and I understand that this is the longest series of comments ever generated by a story. Up to #360 and still counting! Spot the EDP stooges…

Which neatly brings me back to the EDP

Although Davies has been their only electoral success, the party stood in the recent EU elections. Although the party is not overtly or constitutionally racist, and many members are simply ordinary people exercising a legitimate political choice, Boatang and Demetriou discovered that certain officers within the party and an EU candidate  – Steven Uncles – were, in fact, not averse to making remarks which could be considered racist.

John Demetriou was told to go back to Greece (get the whole story at B&D) which was offensive as well as being geographically inaccurate.

Although I personally find the experience sometimes distasteful, if you follow some of the links that Boatang and Demetriou and myself have  put in various recent articles then you can visit the English Democrats section of the British Democracy Forum and see for yourselves.

That’s the info section done – if you want to hear why I’m trying to do my bit in all of this, please carry on reading.

First, I’d like to thank the many kind people who’ve commented on my blog, read the articles, followed the links and decided to find out for themselves what Davies and the EDP are like – usually in their own words.

Also, one of the most pleasing things to emerge from all of this is how it’s possible for Socialists, Nationalists, LibDems and Libertarians to recognise a danger when they see it, put aside differences over certain issues and communicate, co-operate and liaise with each other.

I’ve ‘met’ some really nice people so far and if you have any interesting links, stories or scuttlebutt to share, please let me know and I can add them to the Davies/EDP resources here.

But back to the real business…

Davies’ election was, in my view, a sad day for Doncaster, but it was also a sad day for our country.

Whilst the EDP may appear outwardly harmless, many people – including some EDP members themselves – now believe that certain elements in its leadership do not fully share their party’s relatively moderate stance.

As for Davies, he’s dangerous in two ways.

First of all, he’s a danger to Doncaster – he stood for election and won after making promises that he cannot possibly keep.

Does Doncaster deserve a mayor who won office after hoodwinking just 17.5% of the electorate?

But secondly, Davies is also a way into politics for the EDP after their recent electoral disaster.

This was written on the English Democracy Forum the day before today:

Doctor Why:

Originally Posted by Village Idiot:
The priority for the EngDems now is to make sure the new Doncaster Mayor has a sufficient support team around him to ensure a decent tenure. This position is all the edp HAVE really to justify their exsistence to the media. They really mustn’t waste this victory.

Totally agree Village Idiot. The Doncaster breakthrough is all the EDP has to show for its investment of time, effort and money. They simply MUST capitalise on this, or they will die a quicker political death than NuLab (and that’ll be quick enuff!). A recruitment/fundraising campaign in Doncaster, coupled with formation of a proper local branch, leading to ward-level commitees, and they could really be on their way.

As for myself, I have absolutely no political agenda here – I just know a dangerous fool when I see one.

And if you don’t like Davies, then just wait till you meet some of his support team chums…

A hot tip for the English Democrat Mayor of Doncaster

Peter Davies’ first day as the English Democrats Mayor of Doncaster – the video.

Amongst other mayoral duties, Davies cleared out his predecessor’s desk.

Peter the Punter

Look more closely and you’ll discover the Mayor’s papers of choice – that bigoted and tawdry piece of low rent toilet paper bastion of public morality and middle class decency, the Daily Mail, and that erudite political journal the Spectator Racing Post.

Peter the Punter2

This prompts me to suggest that as a betting man Mr Davies might stand more chance of ensuring Doncaster Council’s financial wellbeing if he forgot about cutting services and jobs and just bunged the whole budget on a horse.

Might I suggest Spitfire in the 3.30 at Doncaster next Sunday?

Nice patriotic name (as flown in the Battle of Britain England) and its form makes it seem worth a punt…