Alcohol: more doctors say more stuff

Here we go again

This is very worrying.

There should be a ban on all alcohol advertising, including sports and music sponsorship, doctors say.


The report points out that while the money spent on alcohol advertising – nearly £200m a year – remained significant, there had been a growth in more subtle types of marketing.

The alcohol industry had, in particular, become a major sponsor of sports events – second only to the finance sector in terms of overall funding.

Do they really think that if I watch a Carling Cup fixture then when I hear the name of that well-known brand of watery piss fit only for washing shit off a tramp’s arse lager or see the advertising boards then I’m going to want to drink the stuff?

Give me a fucking break.

No-one’s that cunting gullible or easily influenced and, if they are, then maybe we should run adverts telling them to jump in front of an Intercity express and so rid society of one more moron.

Next step…warnings about alcohol consumption on TV programs and films.

Then…an eventual ban on seeing it portrayed on screen.

They’ve already banned all tobacco advertising and sponsorship and the entertainment industry seems to be working alongside the various authorities to get rid of smoking on screen.

So, why not apply all this to alcohol?

And the saddest thing is, collectively we’ll just bend over and let them buttfuck one more freedom into oblivion.

Top tip: Get the drinks in while you can.

Mine’s a glass of Rioja – ta.