Lookee likee #2

Here’s David Beckham:

And here’s Vladimir Putin:


Confusing? No?

Bend over for Beckham

Now here’s a first…I’m going to write about football.

I’m probably one of the least qualified people to discuss football – I don’t even like it – but on this occasion I don’t need to be an expert…

So, David Beckham is on loan to Italian club AC Milan from LA Galaxy in the US.

He likes it at Milan and wants to stay, even though he has much of his 5 year Galaxy contract left to run.

However, the main reason he wants a permanent move is that he sees it as his big chance to get back into the England squad for the 2010 World Cup and playing for Milan – on his present form – will impress the England manager Fabio Capello.

Here’s some of what Beckham has said about the situation, taken from the BBC story here:

“I have expressed my desire to stay,” he said. “Now it’s just down to Milan and Galaxy to come to an agreement.

“I have enjoyed my time here. I knew I would enjoy it but I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I have.”

“I’ve expressed my desire to stay here for a while but at the moment I’m still a Galaxy player,” Beckham said.

“I respect the Galaxy and everything they have done for me. They have always been great to me.”

But Beckham added: “I hope they can come to an agreement and it’s down to the clubs now. At this point it’s out of my hands. I’ve said what my feelings are to both clubs.

“To be given the chance again to play at this level at my age is pretty incredible and I’ve enjoyed it so much I would like to continue it. I think people have seen the way I’ve been since playing at this level again.”

“It’s nothing against the MLS and the football over there, because it’s a game that will grow but it will take quite a few years.”

“I’m still confident that will happen eventually, but I want to have a chance of being involved in 2010 and I believe my best chance of doing so is to remain here.”

This prompts me to ask several questions…

Why did he sign a 5 year contract in the first place?

Surely if you sign a contract you should abide by it?

Why should Galaxy release him from the contract?

Why should Beckham expect everyone to help him in his bid for 2010 World Cup glory?

Isn’t there any honour, integrity or testicular fortitude in football today?

In short, shouldn’t the whining little twat just shut the fuck up and get on with earning his grossly inflated salary in the manner to which he agreed when he put his signature on the Galaxy contract?

So, SteveShark says, “Just suck it up, Beckham – you big girl’s blouse!”

No doubt some people will disagree…