What did Harman really say?

You divert him with your fishing story and I’ll grab his dosh…


Harriet Harman has said former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chief Sir Fred Goodwin should not “count on” keeping his full £650,000 a year pension.

The deputy Labour leader described the pension settlement – agreed by the RBS board – as “money for nothing”.

The sum was unacceptable in “the court of public opinion,” she told the BBC, and the government “would step in”.

“The court of public opinion”?

Yes, it exists but has absolutely zero fucking clout.

If it had, you’d have been lynched fucking years ago, Harriet.

I actually find this statement by a Cabinet member very worrying.

Like it or not, Goodwin had a legal contract that passed scrutiny (including that of our Government) at the time of signing.

Is Harman saying that the government is going to step in and fuck around with that contract?

If so, what’s to stop the government fucking around with any contract?

If that happens then our Government is placing itself above the law, and it won’t only be Sir Fred who’s threatened, but all of us.

Welcome to fascism – Nu Labour stylee…