I Dunno…

One of my favourite Georgia Satellite songs performed by my favourite Satellite, Dan Baird, with one of my favourite guitarists, Warner E Hodges (also in Jason and the Scorchers – another one of my favourite bands):


As Dan sings…

Good to see ya back again in the land of salvation and sin

…I’m reminded that we’ll be going back to our own land of ‘salvation and sin’ next week and catching up with the family before Christmas.

The ‘last post’

My last post for a while – Christmas Eve is already here to kick off a few days of celebration and then, on Saturday, Lady Shark’s Meniere’s permitting, off for a week in Normandy to see the New Year in.

Also the ‘last post’, as it were, for Woolworths, Whittards (almost, anyway) and now Zavvi.

Who’s next?

Not wishing any business any ill will, but I’m afraid we’re looking at the tip of an iceberg of indeterminate size because if banks can go under, then anyone can…

I think we’re in for a very eventful 2009 but I hope that anyone reading this manages to get through it all right.

So, in the true spirit of the season – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year or whatever gets you through the night.

Sounds of Christmas

The town’s brass band has just been down our street playing Christmas carols and tunes.

I don’t know how long it will be before some arsehole decides that they need a ‘risk assessment’ to do it or that they’re breaking some sort of law against playing music that isn’t ‘interfaith based’.

But, until then, I shall continue to enjoy every minute of it every year – and willingly put some well-deserved dosh in their collection tins.

You know it’s Christmas when…

I don’t know about anyone else, but Christmas seems a little muted this year.

Maybe it’s Xmas fatigue finally kicking in after yet another year of seeing Christmas cards displayed next to the suntan lotion – which I strongly doubt – or maybe it’s the economic downturn or the credit crunch (I hate that fucking expression) as it’s known to the media – which seems more likely.

Whatever the reason, it’s still definitely Christmas.

No doubt in my mind whatsoever – even if none of the shops had so much as the smallest chocolate tree decoration, it’s Christmas.

As sure as shit.

What’s the big giveaway?


Yes, Gordon’s out in Afghanistan pressing squaddie flesh.

Yesterday – 12th December 2008 – two Marine commandos were killed there in Helmand province when a 13 year old boy pushing a wheelbarrow towards them blew himself up.

How the fuck can you fight stuff like that?

You can’t.

I say leave that useless fucktard Brown out there and bring the troops home.

Ms Pearson’s fertiliser

In the course of writing this blog I’ve become far more targeted in my use of Google. I now make a point of visiting other blogs and media sites a lot more so that I don’t make a total arse of myself through lack of research and failing to take into account other people’s opinions.

One site I do visit a lot is the online Daily Mail.

It gives me an insight into what are often very right wing views and during the course of this I’ve found a rather nasty piece of work called Allison Pearson.

Ms Pearson is yet another unqualified, overeducated, verbose individual who thinks that she should be heard and that she should influence public opinion. She has a strident voice which often cracks amidst the empty polemics against tolerance that she and the rag she writes for seem to think we need.

I notice in one of her more recent articles that she’s saying that we must keep our Christmas spirits up amidst all the economic gloom and doom.

Easy to say when you’re on a good whack from the Mail and also journo’s expenses.

Interestingly, she writes:

…my first card came from the company that put fertiliser on my lawn back in May, and very nice it is too.

I find this rather puzzling.

Why does she need to buy fertiliser when she’s quite capable of pumping out plenty of bullshit of her own?