What Jacqui Smith said then

“Terrorists attack the values that are shared by all law-abiding citizens”: Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary, 2/7/07 shortly after taking up office.

The only thing that’s changed since then is that the terrorists have given way to our own government who are attacking those values quite well without any outside help required…

Tory bullshit

It may be naïve of me, but I assumed that with a General Election not too far away the Tories might wheel out a few ideas that would set them apart from Labour.

This story would suggest otherwise.

Tories may ‘ground’ troublemakers

Young troublemakers could be confined to their homes, outside school hours, for a month under plans being unveiled by the Conservatives.

In his first major speech as shadow home secretary, Chris Grayling said those who break curfews “should expect to find themselves in the cells”.

He said tough action was needed to stamp out anti-social behaviour and said 10-year-olds caught causing trouble should be “sent home to bed”.

Should the Conservatives win power at the next general election, he said: “I will instruct our police to remove young troublemakers from our streets altogether, not just move them on to disrupt a different street.”

Those caught doing “something stupid” should be able to be taken back to police stations and their parents called to come to pick them up.

“We’re exploring the best way of making this possible but it’s got to be the right thing in some cases,” he said.

Yes, there is a problem with our youth’s behaviour but this ‘solution’ just sounds like yet another worthless and doomed attempt to tackle a complex matter using simplistic and ill-conceived methods.

It’s a bit like the now-abandoned idea put forward a few years ago of marching drunk and disorderly troublemakers to the nearest ATM and imposing an on-the-spot fine.

It sounded tough, it was never thoroughly thought through and it turned out to be as effective as taking an aspirin to treat a brain tumour.

I’m convinced that the solution to the antisocial behaviour that blights the lives of many lies somewhere in parental education and actually giving our youth somewhere to go and something to do when they get there.

We’re talking long term and costly here – neither of which are notable traits of government action – but in my view the only strategy that will ensure a successful outcome.

Once again, such pronouncements as Mr Grayling’s are all just a bunch of words that try and con us into thinking that there’s a real will to solve problems when, all along, it’s hastily considered nonsense, done on the cheap, that sounds good but will never work…

…and they know it won’t work…

…even politicians aren’t that stupid.

They just bank on the fact that most of the electorate will just suck up more of the same empty gestures that pass for solutions these days.

In brief – just more bullshit.

More GTCE bullshit

What a crock of shit.

So, teachers should be role models and the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) is drafting a code to restrict their lives outside school.

What about a code of conduct for the people who should really be children’s role models?

Their fucking parents...

Ms Pearson’s fertiliser

In the course of writing this blog I’ve become far more targeted in my use of Google. I now make a point of visiting other blogs and media sites a lot more so that I don’t make a total arse of myself through lack of research and failing to take into account other people’s opinions.

One site I do visit a lot is the online Daily Mail.

It gives me an insight into what are often very right wing views and during the course of this I’ve found a rather nasty piece of work called Allison Pearson.

Ms Pearson is yet another unqualified, overeducated, verbose individual who thinks that she should be heard and that she should influence public opinion. She has a strident voice which often cracks amidst the empty polemics against tolerance that she and the rag she writes for seem to think we need.

I notice in one of her more recent articles that she’s saying that we must keep our Christmas spirits up amidst all the economic gloom and doom.

Easy to say when you’re on a good whack from the Mail and also journo’s expenses.

Interestingly, she writes:

…my first card came from the company that put fertiliser on my lawn back in May, and very nice it is too.

I find this rather puzzling.

Why does she need to buy fertiliser when she’s quite capable of pumping out plenty of bullshit of her own?