More Boris inanity

Boris ‘Bullingdon’ Johnson is at it again:

I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbour and break your fast at the local mosque*.

I urge Boris to find out more about real life, increase his understanding and learning, even drink 10 pints of Stella and get beaten up on the street at 3 o’clock in the morning and then have to queue up at his local Jobcentre Plus six hours later.

I wish he’d learn to shut the fuck up once in a while.

*(Of course, if Boris did this he’d ask if there was any bacon going…cunt.)

The BNP – I fucking told you so, Boris you cunt!

The BNP’s part-time publicist yes, that’s as dynamic as the cunt gets…

So, Nick Griffin has pulled out of the Buck House garden party after the recent fuss over his possible attendance.

I said here that the best course of action was to just shut the fuck up about it and let him attend as a guest of an invited BNP GLA member and then his despicable party would be able to make almost zero political capital out of it – if any.

But no.

Boris Johnson, notably, and other people with a lack of common sense which allowed their frothing moral outrage to cloud their judgement wanted Griffin banning.

Here’s what Griffin said about his decision not to attend:

We believe it is still outrageous that a democratically elected member of the London Assembly can’t invite who he likes as a guest to the party at the Palace.

Nevertheless, because we have no wish to embarrass the Queen and allow the liberal left to do more damage to our institutions, I’ve withdrawn from the idea of going myself.

So, he emerges sounding quite reasonable and also concerned for our dear Queen.

Not that he is either of those things.

More importantly, he’s made political capital out of a situation in which he’d have been lucky to make any at all.

So, fuck you very much, Boris and the rest of the brainless moral frothers.

You’ve done it again – made a shitty situation even worse.

Why the BNP should go to the party

Griffin – he likes a pie…

Even though the BNP is an odious organisation, its leadership is composed largely of convicted criminals and its supporters are – and I’m being kind here – morons, its GLA member, Richard Barnbrook, should be allowed to take the BNP’s leader, Nick Griffin, to the Buck House garden party as his chosen guest.

To oppose this is short-sighted and counter-productive, leaving aside all considerations of free speech.

As I understand it, the invitation to Barnbrook was as a result of his elected membership of the London Assembly, and it should have been no real surprise to anyone that he sought to make what largely imagined political capital he could out of it by inviting Griffin as his guest.

It seems now, however, that Barnbrook will have to invite ‘a more acceptable guest’.

However, consider for a moment what might happen if Griffin did go to Brenda’s bash.

He’d attend, the BNP would then report that their leader went to tea with the Queen and…er, that’s it.

It’s not as if the Queen issues the invitations herself and specifically asked for a couple of BNP chaps to pop along for tea and a cucumber sandwich.

It’s not a photo opportunity where Griffin could be snapped clutching a can of Stella with his arm around Liz’s shoulder looking all matey.

There’s no way, I’m sure, that Griffin and Barnbrook could exercise any control over events there and do something drastic like make a speech calling for racial purity.

In short, if the pair did anything that caused any concern, disturbance or the teensiest-weensiest embarrassment then they’d be pounced on by security quicker than Prezza leaping on a cream cake and ejected pretty fucking smartish.

The alternative – and it looks very much as if it’s the reality of the situation now – is to exclude Griffin and thus allow the BNP to rant, piss and moan about discrimination, bias, exclusion and prejudice…the very things we more enlightened people (rightly) accuse them of.

It’s playing into their hands and it’s very similar to what happened when Jacqui Smith banned Michael Savage from entering the UK. If she’d have shut the fuck up about him then the vast majority of the UK population would have got on with life perfectly well whilst remaining ignorant of his very existence.

It was a prime example of how to make a situation that was never really bad to start with as shitty as possible and achieve the opposite to what you intended.

Similarly with this BNP invitation fiasco.

Let the two twats attend, then let the BNP report that their glorious leader went to a Buckingham Palace tea party, and then forget about it.

There was never any implied support for the BNP from anyone drawing up a guest list or issuing invitations and it would be very hard for even the BNP to twist events to infer that there was.

Instead, what we have is a lot of frothing from people too fucking stupid to see any further than their own sense of outrage like good old Boris Johnson who is anxious to avoid:

potential embarrassment to Her Majesty

All such statements do is draw attention to the BNP and provide it with ammunition to further its aims.

Another own goal, I’m afraid.

Boris Johnson and mental illness

A rather unfortunate screen capture and snippage from Boris Johnson’s blog…


I don’t know about depression, but the guy’s certainly got a few sheep loose in the top pasture…

Twat of the Day

I’m afraid I have to disagree with many people’s opinion that Boris Johnson – the Mayor of London – is a loveable buffoon.

Personally, I think he’s a fucking idiot.

In this BBC interview the floppy-haired cocktard acknowledges that the snowy conditions in the capital are the worst ‘for a couple of decades’ (18 years to be precise, but that’s just a minor quibble), that the buses, if they were allowed to run, would be ‘lethal weapons’ and that the drivers who came into London would have the congestion charge waived.

So far, so good, but after really ramming it home that conditions in the capital are really rather awful, he then goes on to say that he’s been biking about today, and he wouldn’t recommend it to everybody, but that the weather is no excuse for a ‘mass skive’.

Back to those drivers who braved the appalling conditions – the ones Boris refers to as ‘hardy’…

Would they be those people who have judged it OK to ignore the advice of the Department for Transport, the Highways Agency, the RAC,  the AA and other authorities?

Maybe Boris left the ‘fool’ off  ‘foolhardy’, eh?

But that’s perfectly all right with me if wants to reserve the term ‘fool’ for himself only…