MPs’ expenses – now they want sympathy

Nadine Dorries – troughing cunt

The BBC radio documentary ‘The MPs’ Story‘ aired on Monday.

Some of those interviewed seem to have seen this as an opportunity to gain some sympathy from the public, but they’re not getting any from this taxpayer.

Nadine Dorries had something to say (there’s a BIG fucking surprise) and she’s even blogged about it here.

I was very proud of my daughter who became upset during the interview and I regretted letting her contribute, but really, she was just one of hundreds of children and families who were all experiencing the exact same feelings and emotion.

The heartstring tugging was continued by that well-known Tory blogger Iain Dale :

Earlier today Radio 4 broadcast a half hour programme on the MP expenses scandal. It is a close look at the effect the scandal had on MPs and their families. Among others, it features Nadine Dorries, Ann Cryer, Denis MacShane and Andrew George. Nadine’s daughter breaks down in tears when discussing the effect it all had on her, and Nadine openly discusses the fact that she has thought about standing down. She has also blogged about the programme HERE.

I suspect that many people will have an adverse reaction to the programme and accuse the MPs of shedding crocodile tears and think they deserved all they got. Many did. But several of the MPs featured in this programme were clearly driven to the edge of reason by what happened.

For fuck’s sake, Iain, how far up Dorries’ arse are you prepared to stick your fucking tongue?

Dale even comments on his own blog entry when he finds his readers are rather less than sympathetic or not quite as enamoured of the taste of Mad Nad’s duodenum quite as much as he is:

You are all writing as if all were as guilty as each other. If that were true I’d have more sympathy with what you are all writing. The fact is that some MPs deserved all they got, and others didn’t. Andrew George, who features in this programme, I would venture to suggest is one who was traduced with very little reason. Don’t tarr them all with the same brush – that’s all I am saying.

Yes, Iain baby, but they were all complicit in covering up the troughing that was going on – ergo, they are all guilty.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I really couldn’t give a fuck about any of the greedy troughing cunts or their families.

They still don’t fucking get it and any shit they’ve brought down on their families should be regarded as no different from that inflicted on his family by any career criminal.

The overwhelming fucking pity of all this is that none of the fuckers seem to be paying for their crimes.

A few thousand quid given back here and there and that makes it all right as far as they’re concerned.

It doesn’t, you weasel-felching motherfuckers and let’s hope you get that message loud and fucking clear come the General Election.

If this doesn’t get sorted then, it’ll be lamppost and piano wire time come about 2012…


Comments received from ‘English Nationalist’

Over the space of about an hour, in the early hours of this morning, someone calling themselves ‘English Nationalist’ left 7 comments on this blog.

They’re all there beneath the relevant articles, but I thought I’d collate them here as they make very interesting reading.

I’m not going to comment on them now – that will be the subject of an article which will be an open letter to this individual.

What I ask is that you read them and make your own mind up about the author and what he represents.

Here’s the posting details – only given once as they were the same for every email notification I received.

Author : English Nationalist (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :

Their source seems very clear and the IP address checks out.

If strong language offends you, then please understand that I’m merely quoting this person.

(The last comment contains a very lengthy quote from a previous article I wrote, and one comment seems to have been intended for fellow blogger John Demetriou.)

The comments have been left completely unedited.

Try reading  what is actually there, rather then what you pretend to be there.
Good Luck, in your quest to make yourself into a complete arse (hole)

Are you going to publish the “acknowledgements” from the Agents to these Celebrities to your lobbying.
We can then compare letters.
We have letters from
Elton John
Jonny Wilkinson
Jeremy Paxman
Felicity Kendall
Barbara Windsor
Let’s see what you come up with, Steve “not” so Sharp
Are you a Liberal Self Hater by any chance ?

You look like a Cunt and write like a Cunt

What sort of Knob are you – John Demetriou,
Can you not use Goggle or Wikapedia such is your level of mental handicap ?
The National Chairman of the English Democrats is Robin Tilbrook.
– Where does it say that Steve Uncles is “Leader”  –  also Steve Gash, left the English Democrats National Coucil 2 years ago.
Are you also going to “lay into” Plaid Cymru or the SNP, or is it just English Nationalism, you can’t understand.
– “Liberal Self Hating” only leads to bad things.

“This blog is NOT part of the right-wing Blogosphre – or even the left”
it’s the sandle wearing, unwashed
“Liberal Self Haters” Bloggers
You be carefuly guys, hating everything, leads to hating yourself – and we know where that can end !!!!

Steve No wonder, you are so angry, I guess it’s a long time since you got laid !!!!!
I guess you have to make do with the Hand Shandies
Who do you shopping with to get those clothes
David Blunkett ?
What a loser

As much as it amuses me to see the English Nationalist cause crumbling before my very eyes, I feel a strange compassion and will now, generously, set you straight.
In essence, Mr Uncles, you have cut and pasted certain blog entries written by a Mr Demetriou with which and whom you disagree.
You have then discussed them amongst yourselves.
Had Mr Demetriou and Mr Rob not done a bit of ‘digging’ and found out what was going on then none of us outside this forum would have been any the wiser.
Don’t you see the problem with this?
You’re discussing opinions with which you disagree amongst yourselves.
If you really want to persuade people to your way of thinking then you have to ‘get out there’ and actually engage with those people – not discuss their views in some sort of ‘vacuum’ because, ultimately, that’s just talking to yourself.
Is this really how political movements are born?
Mr Uncles has been issued with a challenge – when is he going to accept it?
Are his arguments and opinions strong enough to exist outside of this forum and has he got the necessary courage of his convictions to enable him to engage in debate on Mr Demetriou’s blog?
Or, are his opinions and beliefs to weak to be discussed away from those who agree with him already?
Will Mr Uncles test his arguments and debating skills in the open and away from the safety of this forum?
Or will he continue to cower in his bunker?


So you bloggers, can’t use Goggle then ?
Why is a forum different to a blog.
Both can be debated upon/in ?
Yet another not so Sharp, comment from Steve not so Sharp.
Forums, offer a better form of debate, clowns like Lightfoot edit comments, to twist the posts.

In support of Nadine Dorries

(I wonder if we paid for that TV?)

Mad Nad may be spectacularly stupid on occasion – ‘Tridents (sic) are not weapons of mass destruction’ and, as an ex-nurse, can’t appreciate that an anaesthetised foetus is a direct consequence of the woman carrying it being anaesthetised – and her views on the current MPs’ expenses scandal and its exposure in the Telegraph may be widely unpopular – except with some people like Iain Dale who still refuse to acknowledge what an irrelevance she is to any form of politics – but I have to decry the heavy-handed antics of the Bollock Brothers Barclay Brothers in getting her blog taken down.

Fortunately, even God himself can’t fuck about with Google’s cache, so here’s a link to what she wrote in it.

The fragrant Nadine may be totally radio rental, but she has a perfect right to express herself how she sees fit and be heard and it’s a real shame that the Torygraph chose to adopt this course of action, seeing as Nad had already provided herself with enough rope to hang herself along with every other troughing MP.

Suppressing free speech like this isn’t what I thought exposing the pigs in Parliament was all about.

Quite the reverse in fact.

So, an own goal by the Barclays and the Telegraph and some sympathy for Dorries.

A bit shit, on balance…

Twitter/blog fail


Damn those bloody carrier pigeons…

The art of using foul language – yes, it exists

Found here in the comments:

I rarely log on to Staines; his blog seems full of gossip and tittle -tattle accompanied by the most foul language in comments.

If his blog is thought to be the leader in political blogging, then I am a Labour supporter.

To use the form of quote found in his comments: his blog is a s–t. (smut – for the suspicious – I would never use foul language)

Posted by: D************** | April 13, 2009 at 10:01

Its puritanical and sanctimonious tone aside, this makes no sense –

his blog is a s–t. (smut – for the suspicious – I would never use foul language)

His blog is ‘a smut’…’a shit’…WTF?

But I see what he means – he would never use foul language and he shouldn’t – because he can’t.

Swearing is an artform.

For some reason, I’m reminded of the words of the late Frank Zappa here:

I have a message to deliver to the cute people of the world…if you’re cute, or maybe you’re beautiful…there’s MORE OF US UGLY MOTHERFUCKERS OUT THERE THAN YOU ARE!! So watch out.

One more blueberry muffin before the revolution!

I’m trying to work out whether this blog – the latte-drinking feminist anti-capitaist one referred to in the last entry here – is serious or satirical.

If it’s serious then I don’t think that we have anything to fear from the far left at least as their concerns seem to be fractured and dispersed beyond all coherence.

If it’s satirical then it’s a work of true genius.

Here’s an extract:

So, last night I found my tiny self at a debate organised by Soundings and Comment Is Free, provocatively titled ‘After New Labour’. I was starving, having been writing all day when I should have been eating lunch, and had just about enough time to pick up the world’s largest blueberry muffin on my way to King’s Place. As I was due to write a piece for the Graun (Pennyred articles commissioned and turned down by Guardian currently stand at 6), I was ushered into a little room containing The Rt Hon Harriet Harman Rt Hon, Madeleine Bunting and someone else who knew them both so was obviously famous, and – me, and my muffin. Dilemma! I have an annoying tendency to shake and fall over when I haven’t eaten. But Harriet Harman was right there! I couldn’t just scoff down a muffin in front of her without even introducing myself – could I? Or could I? In the end I made my excuses and sprinted outside for sugar, cigarettes and other vices, before heading back in to ask cheeky questions and generally have a great deal of fun.

This could have come straight from the pages of the Eye!

Of course, I realise that I could be getting this anti-capitalist feminist lots of hits but the comic rewards are worth it.

Satirical or not, it’s fucking funny and she can certainly write…

Addendum or some such late additional shite:

She should be able to write – she seems to be some sort of celebrated left-wing  journalist.

Real name – Laurie Penny.

Still an amusing blog though – and being a journalist isn’t necessary an aid to credibility…I used to be a freelancer myself at one time.

IRC foolishness

From IRC just now:

<LoFi> lol. SOmeone just sneezed so hard a statue of a horses head fell off a shelf and broke.
[mudshark] a bust bust then?
<LoFi> Heh.
<LoFi> Scared the shit out of me – it fell onto the empty desk next to me.
* mudshark fails to appreciate the decorative qualities of a horsehead statue
[mudshark] the act of breakage may have been a good thing
<LoFi> Oh, it’s hideous – I think they said it was a present from an offshore team.
<chris> heh
<chris> is the offshore team offshore in sicily perchance?
<LoFi> lol. No.
[mudshark] LOL
[mudshark] did the recipient find it in his bed?

And here’s more from a little later:

<chris> Did you see that chap whose planning to starve himself and blog his progress?
<caitlin> that’s a stupid idea
<[5×5]> no? is he some sort of twat or something?
<chris> Thats the sort of bar you need to hit
<[5×5]> twatblog
<chris> these days
<[5×5]> does he fancy himself as a hard-hitting, documentary-style expose sort of guy, like the supersize me guy?
<chris> Quite so
<[5×5]> “WOW! did you know, if you stop eating, you get THINNER?”
<[5×5]> “Look at this bear! it’s shitting in the WOODS!”