No, you’re not seeing double…

…and yes, this is the second time today I’ve used this photo of a much younger Tony Blair but I find it bewilderingly fascinating – like something nasty I’ve found under a rock in the garden.

I look at it and I think, ‘People voted him in as their MP two years before that photo was taken…WHY?’

Talk about shifty looking…

The words, ‘would’, ‘you’, ‘buy’, ‘a’, ‘used’, ‘car’, ‘from’, ‘this’, and ‘man’ spring to mind.

I found this entry in Wikipedia about Blair which amused me somewhat, given what’s happened since he went off making shitloads of cash for working his voice hole in public:

Once elected, Blair’s ascent was rapid and he received his first front bench appointment in 1984 as assistant Treasury spokesman. In May 1985 he appeared on BBC’s Question Time arguing that the Conservative Government’s Public Order White Paper was a threat to civil liberties. Blair demanded an inquiry into the Bank of England’s decision to rescue the collapsed Johnson Matthey Bank in October 1985.