Die, puppy, die…

I suspect, like many people reading this, that I’m still alive because perhaps on at least one occasion during my life I was saved by some sort of drug.

I think I may also be correct in thinking that the older you are, the more likely it is that that particular drug was tested on an animal.

Those scientists who performed those tests should be applauded and we should also thank the animals which died during the course of those experiments.

I’m also very grateful to the various animals that died so I can have a bloody good Christmas meal or two.

So, it was with some satisfaction that I read this.

The people working for HLS are not, I’m 100% positive, causing any more suffering to the animals they use in their testing than is absolutely necessary and where animals do not have to be used, I’m sure they’re not.

People like the SHAC and the ALF frighten me with their fanaticism and their ruthlessness.

Here’s a quote from one guy who worked for a company which transported animals for HLS:

“We received a lot of phone calls and letters [which] contained things like used condoms, used sanitary towels, razor blades and syringe needles claiming to be from people who are infected with AIDS.”

Managers were also accused of being paedophiles and letters sent to their neighbours stating that they took trips abroad in order to carry out paedophiliac activities.

And here’s a direct quote from a blog I discovered just a minute ago about a UK animal rights conference:

Part 1:- Looks at AR violence and includes recordings of Camille Hankins (Win Animal Rights – WAR) speaking in support of the grave robbings and arson attacks carried out by animal rights activists.

Such tactics are part of such people’s ‘armoury’ but weren’t used in this particular case.

Nice, huh?

Look, people are more important than animals in my world and if it’s a toss up between my life – or any other human being’s – or some animal’s then the cute little puppy gets it…

…every fucking time…