Zanu Labour’s mortgage rescue plan pisses £285 million up wall

Er…am I reading this right?

The Department for Communities and Local Government said that in April 139 households applied for help in avoiding repossession but that only one successfully received the support. However, this single acceptance doubles the tally of those accepted by the scheme, which had been aiming to help 6,000 families avoid losing their homes. Some 75,000 are expected to face foreclosure this year, according to independent estimates.

Shit…I am…

More than poor, but downright fucking catastrophic when you consider that the scheme has been funded to the tune of £285 million and was set up at the beginning of the year.

Yes – £285 million.

Way, way more than our troughing MPs have trousered and all 100% legal.

However, I have a better idea for government use of taxpayers’ money.

Why not just get everyone in work to empty their wallets and purses and clean out their bank accounts, drop all the dosh in a big pot and let Brown and Co piss it all up the wall?

It’s indefensible because it’s so obviously a really shit idea which patently isn’t working – and meanwhile the civil servants working in that scheme are drawing salaries and their bosses are claiming expenses.