Those academic shitheads strike again


It appears that those two academic shitheads of the decade – Cohn and Linzey – are at it again.

Yes, the God-bothering Cohn and chinchilla-wearing Linzey aren’t just whining like bitches about being misconstrued…

In a press statement this week on the journal’s Web site, Linzey and Cohn say their manifesto was distorted to imply that they were arguing that the word “pets” is “insulting” to the animals “which is of course absurd because animals cannot be insulted in the way in which human beings can be. Neither did we say that calling animals ‘pets’ affects their behavior, as some reported.”

But such distortion, they continued, was “itself a sign of how difficult it is to say something challenging about animals without risking hostile comment, even ridicule.”

…but also unleashing some fresh twaddle upon the public:

…(in) another editorial provocation: Linzey and Cohn question the assumption that caring about human suffering should self-evidently take priority over abating animal suffering. Among their contentions: For decades “evidence has steadily accumulated that a world in which cruelty to animals goes unchecked is bound to be a more unsafe world for human beings.”

A little digging around revealed this about the publication – the Journal of Animal Ethics (JAE) – that allows Linzey and Cohn to propagate their unique brand of idiocy.:

Bob Barker.

We’ve got a guy who did the Price Is Right for God-knows-how-many-years kicking in for a journal that wants to tell us not to call our pets pets because it’s demeaning?

So, who is this Bob Barker – one of the ‘honorary fellows’ of the the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics – who lends his support to Linzey’s lunatic campaign?

This is what the ‘Centre’ says about him:

Multi Emmy award winning television personality, philanthropist, and educational pioneer, who has graciously endowed animal law and ethics courses at major US universities, including Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Northwestern, Duke, Georgetown, Virginia, Columbia, and Drury.

Wikipedia has this little nugget about Barker who has also had some unsavoury allegations made against him:

In March 2010, PETA announced that it received a $2.5 million donation from Barker to help establish a new office in Los Angeles.


Ah…them again…

Remember this?

And what about this?

Yes, Barker gave $2.5 million to PETA.

Here’s the excellent Penn and Teller on PETA:


A quick google will net many similar condemnations of PETA.

Yes, PETA – supported by Barker who, in turn, supports the work of Linzey and Cohn.

PETA – acts of direct action lunacy under the guise of ethical concern and the people who want fish renamed ‘sea kittens’.

PETA – supporters of ALF, which is engaged in the persecution of genuine academics and scientists through terrorist activities.

PETA – now ‘blessed’ with a degree of academic respectability through the actions of idiots such as Linzey and Cohn.

Terrorism – now legitimised by these two misguided people?

But perhaps that last statement was a bit of a reach?

Well, not really:

  • Linzey works with Cohn.
  • Cohn heads up the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics (OCAE).
  • Barker is an honorary fellow of the OCAE and undoubtedly known to Linzey – especially if he’s opening his wallet for the Centre.
  • Barker funds PETA to the tune of a cool $2.5 million.
  • PETA is linked to the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).
  • The ALF carries out a form of direct action which includes arson, fire bombings, personal harassment, and which constitutes terrorism.

Not a long chain of links and it seems that all the links are very much aware of each other.

Why all the fuss about Muslim terrorists when we have the enemy firmly within?


2 Responses

  1. I can’t imagine myself ever ordering ‘Sea Kitten and Chips’.

  2. Indeed not.

    I enjoyed your blog – being a bit of an amateur chef myself!

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