Mission Unpalatable

The World is full of arseholes.

Sometimes, they’re minor irritating ones like the cockgarglers who object to bad language on blogs, but sometimes they’re rather more significant ones who think they have some sort of unquestionable right to tell whole swathes of the population what to do.

One such is Jamie Oliver.


One of these is a cock and does something worthwhile – the other is just a cock.

Once more, Oliver’s been in the news, and most recently with this article here, which he wrote for the Guardian.

Described on his Guardian profile page as ‘chef, restaurateur and campaigner’, it seems that things aren’t going his way lately:

This government might be able to navigate us slowly out of a recession, but it has no clue about how to make sustainable change in the short or long term, or how to inspire, enforce or empower public health.

Well, not only is Oliver a fucking idiot – this government couldn’t navigate its way out of a sock – he’s also an authoritarian idiot.

Note the use of the word ‘enforce’ – yes, Oliver wants the government to have some sort of legal control over what you eat.

Once again, there’s this blurring of roles…

Just like Bono, who’s a rock star but seems to think he’s some sort of ambassador for Third World affairs, Oliver is a celebrity chef who thinks he’s on some sort of mission to tell us what to eat.

Imagine, if your doctor started to give you advice on how to drive? Or your postman on how to bring up your children? And then they wondered why you objected to their involvement in your daily life, which you’d never indicated you wanted in the first place?

Of course, that sort of thing rarely – if ever – happens, so why do people in the public eye seem to think that when they’ve managed to get some sort of conduit to the public, that they are then entitled to preach through it, even though the public haven’t asked them to?

Well, the answer is simple – because they can, and they’re the sort of people who’ve fooled themselves into thinking that they’re more important than they really are.

However, unlike Bono, Oliver seems to be playing some sort of self-pity card.

He says of the government’s obesity strategy:

Personally I’m really upset and let down.

Well, Jamie – you posturing cunt – let down by the government?

Join the fucking queue.

In fact, so desperate is he to feel ‘at one’ with the rest of the downtrodden and persecuted that:

In 2009 Oliver claimed to be of partial Sudanese ancestry via his great-great grandfather John, whom he described as “a bit swarthy with curly hair” However, research for the Sunday Express established that John’s father James was a hatter from Penzance, James’ father Richard was also Cornish, leaving little to no possibility of a Sudanese connection. The family legend of Sudanese ancestry may have originated in the 19th century when John Oliver returned from sea, possibly with a tanned complexion after visiting Africa.

Of course, Oliver is, in reality, a millionaire who is extremely lucky do have done so well for himself, with such limited talent, and has decided to raise his public profile (and get the bucks rolling in) by espousing exactly the same sort of Nanny State causes that the last three Labour governments did .

Amazingly, back in 2009, the coalition government Health Minister, Andrew Lansley said of Oliver’s ‘mission’:

“constantly lecturing people” and telling them what to eat is counterproductive

Since then, the two have occasionally bickered, with Lansley coming up with some amusing and ridiculously unhelpful statistics such as:

16.9m cheeseburgers, which would cover about 20 football pitches, or 28.4m cafe lattes, enough to fill four Olympic swimming pools.

…which is the equivalent of the 5 billion calories he aims to cut from the nation’s daily intake.

Oliver – in his column in today’s Daily Mail – has this to say about his new mission – to turn Britain into a nation of foodies:

Through making my TV documentaries, I learnt how simple bits of good information can change people’s lives, help them save money, be healthier and live longer, but there’s still a lot to be done.

‘A lot to be done’…not as far as I’m concerned, mate. If people want to exist on a diet of lard, then let them. What fucking business is it of yours?

Of course, Oliver’s high profile in the news can only mean one thing and If you scroll down to the bottom of his article, you’ll find this:

Jamie’s Great Britain starts on 25 October on Channel 4 at 9pm. The accompanying book is published by Michael Joseph, £30.

Of course…it all makes sense now…the new TV series and the accompanying book.

Say no more.

But back to Oliver’s flirtation with politics and policy making…

Should there be a far-left People’s Revolution in the future, it’s my guess that after the bankers, fucking useless twats like Oliver will be amongst those first against the wall.

Let’s hope, eh?

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  1. Just ask the cunt who he thinks he is, then, put him in the picture as to the truth.

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