Smoking in Peking*


So, China has introduced a smoking ban.

Strangely, however, the legislation lacks teeth…

There’s no punishment involved for either those who smoke on premises where smoking is banned or for the owners of those premises.

And why would that be?

Officials say they have to try to persuade people not to smoke to try to reduce the numbers dying from smoking related diseases.

At the same time though the government makes a lot of money from the sales of cigarettes by the state-owned firm that makes and sells all tobacco products throughout the country.

Ah…’a lot of money’…say no more…

Interestingly, but unsurprisingly, the BBC story repeats the usual hysterical fuckwitted view of ‘passive smoking’ based solely on junk science :

It appears that many Chinese people are unaware of the dangers of smoking. Research suggests only one in four knows the harm cigarettes or second-hand smoke can cause.

What cannot be proven is now presented as fact.

Indeed, the irony of the ‘free world’s’ pre-eminent broadcaster toeing the party line, whilst reporting about those in communist China who refuse to acquiesce, certainly isn’t lost on me…

*OK, I know it’s really ‘Beijing’, but then the title of this article wouldn’t work as well.

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