Ritchie before the fairies got him

OK, he’s as mad as a fucking carrot and seems to have permanently forsaken rock music – preferring to be away with the fairies – but Ritchie Blackmore can play like an absolute god when he puts his mind to it.

Here he is from 1970, playing the red Gibson and showboating outrageously with Purple on ‘Wring that Neck’:


3 Responses

  1. Ah yes, I love his playing from the pre-“In Rock” era. I think Deep Purple were a more interesting band, too… moving from heavy psych-pop to a kind of jamming jazzy-blues take on prog.

    My waning interest in Ritchie’s playing tends to follow his move from 335 to Strat (although I love what he did on the first two Rainbow albums, so maybe it’s the old case of new ventures being at their best before they outstay their welcome).

  2. […] titled ‘Wring That Neck’ which I’ve always liked – especially live as I featured here not too long […]

  3. Back in the day Richie was one of my idols. I wore out a copy of Made In Japan trying to learn all his licks. The best playing on this clip is when he cleans it up and goes towards a jazz tonality. It’s surprising how close his overdriven sound on the 335 in this clip is to the “trademark” sound he got with his Strat.

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