Where am I?

Well, here’s a map of France, with the Pays de la Loire region marked on it:

The region comprises 4 departements – rather similar to UK counties – and we live in #53 which is called La Mayenne. Geographically speaking, it’s south of Normandy and east of Brittany.

We live in the far south-western corner of La Mayenne near to where it says Renaze on this map of La Mayenne:

In fact, we live pretty close to an axis of departmental boundaries meaning that a few minutes’ drive will take us into 3 other departments – Ille-et-Vilaine, Maine-et-Loire and Loire-Atlantique.

Culturally La Mayenne is a cross between Normandy and Brittany and gastronomically speaking, it has to be said, lacking any distinctive style although cider, apples, pork and cream figure largely.

Maurice, our nearest neighbour, laughed when I asked him what the local culinary specialities were…

The departement is largely rural and sparsely populated – which are two of the reasons we decided to go for a move here:

Not one of France’s more mountainous areas – it’s rather flat in fact – the countryside is very unspoilt and verdant and with very few real tourist attractions there are few tourists, which is yet another reason we decided to relocate here:

The hamlet or ‘lieu dit’ in which we live lies just outside a small village which has a church, a mairie, a village hall and…well, that’s it. The nearest shops are about 4km away in Pouance which is where we go for fresh bread, cigarettes and other essentials. In brief, if it’s outside shopping hours and you want something – tough shit.

We’re not the only ex-pats in the area.

With low property prices – another very good reason we moved – the departement attracts quite a few Dutch and British either as second home buyers or retirees. It’s possible to meet up with your compatriots on a very regular basis should you so desire, but we prefer to mix with the French as much as possible. All our neighbours seem really friendly and we reckon that they’re really glad that we’re here renovating a house that was in danger of lapsing into decay and becoming a real eyesore.

Immediately, we’re a bit south of our evening meal which will be pave de rumsteack, potatoes au gratin – made with some 6 month aged Comte – and green beans, all washed down with some rose from a box – 5 litres for 9 euros and quite, quite quaffable.

I’m in a good place!

13 Responses

  1. Excellent – glad to hear you’re happy and settled in that there France Steve.

    When do I get to come and visit? 🙂

  2. You’d be very welcome. Always room for a Seempson!
    Seriously – guitars here, too!

  3. St. Erblon to be more precise

  4. Yes, one would think that was quite a fulfilling lifestyle, yet for some reason he has become interested in a small political party in England again after a few months absence. The original reason for the interest was on account of a hostile attack on this blog by a senior member of this party, prompting the need for retribution. However, during ‘Mr Shark’s’ absence this individual was unanimously stripped of all power by the senior members of this party, yet Mr Shark has now chosen to attack this party again, despite the original reason no longer being there. Maybe there’s something still missing in his life?

  5. Up to two weeks ago broadband internet access was missing.

    Now I can make my little ‘contributions’ more easily.

    No ulterior motive, so check out your own paranoia.

    The only thing I’ll say is this – the EDP fascinates me in much the
    same way as what crawls out from beneath a stone when you pick it up.

    Much as you might dislike it, I can post what I want, when I want and
    where I want with no regard to how you view it.

    If you don’t like it, I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

    BTW – Interesting to see that you view Pie Boy Uncles’ dealings with
    me as a ‘hostile attack’.

    Now, you’ve taken up more time that is proportional to your significance.

    Go away, you little twerp.

  6. @davidb
    Whoa…that took some detective work, Holmes…

  7. XX cider, apples, pork and cream figure largely.XX

    And here is me, just getting over an attack of gout!!!!

    Cheers “mate”.

  8. @ Martin

    Naughty, naughty….

    Steve Uncles was not unanimously stripped of anything. A vote of no confidence in him was passed by the National Council of the English Democtrats Party, but not unanimously, as Party Chairman Robin Tilbrook abstained, precisely so that it could not be unanimous. This vote then triggered a deal that Uncles had made with Tilbrook, unknown to the National Council, whereby Tilbrook read out a letter from Uncles resigning his positions within the party in the event of such a vote being carried. Thus he resigned before a vote on stripping him of his positions could be taken, with the collusion of Chairman Robin Tilbrook. Being very brave, Steve Uncles chose not to attend the meeting.

    Steve Uncles is still a member of the EDP, and on his blog he recently stated that one of the reasons for the vote of no confidence in him, his email to Sinn Fein seeking to form an alliance with them and to promote their aims in return for money, was known to all of the then senior officers of the party, and no one tried to stop him. Indeed, he also stated in an email to then National Communications Director David “Ford” Lane at the time, that he had run the idea by Chairman Robin Tilbrook, and been given the go-ahead. Lane, to his unlikely credit, advised against it.

    So Martin, even if readers here don’t give a flying toss about all this, you should really take care to post the truth, and not mislead people in this way……it only diminishes your already plummeting reputation.

  9. Sorry about that Steve – the new gaff sounds wonderful!

  10. Well Mr Shark – erudite as usual, Wonder why people who think they have a good argument have to resort to bad language and abuse?

    England has it’s problems and some of us are trying to change things. Unfortunately you cannot do that whilst in a foreign country, which renders your comments somewhat worthless, don’t you think?

  11. But I don’t want to change things – and neither do the vast majority of English people otherwise they’d all vote in elections or become politicians.

    Your basic argument is flawed as I’m still paying UK taxes – and, incidentally, helping to pay your salary.

    Therefore I still have a stake in England and the UK.

    As for my language, if you don’t like it – tough. My blog, my rules…

  12. @Martin

    BTW, from the EDP Facebook page last night:

    “George Dragonslayer:
    I put up a post about a blog Uncles has done, get told about the English right of freedom of speech, admin changes it gets deleted?????
    So much for that then.

    Uncles has bought the party into disrepute yet is still in the party.

    My posts get deleted, when I have been nothing but civil.

    Well maybe tomorrow I will cancel my direct debit for donations to the party every month and possibly my membership payment too.

    Admin may have responsibility like I was told, but the party has responsibility to its members too. We pay our membership fees, some of us donate. Without us there would be no party.

    I will be contacting the appropiate persons to complain about this and Uncles, who like myself is just a member of this party, as he holds no positions anymore due to his resigning over his misconduct.

    He should not be admin on this page or others linked to the party either.”

    So Uncles is still very much on the scene, busily censoring his own members’ criticisms of him. Didn’t do a very thorough cleaning job, did you Martin?

    Oh, and don’t bother looking for George’s post – in the great EDP tradition of English frredom of speech, it’s been deleted……

  13. No probs, always good to read the fuckwitted ramblings of some of the peanuts in the EDP gallery.
    MT doesn’t seem to like this blog but I really couldn’t give a rat’s.
    He doesn’t have to read it.
    The new gaff is coming on very nicely indeed.

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