Smacking my ditch up

This afternoon, I had a good play with this bad boy:

To clear a reasonable amount of undergrowth – and in a garden that’s been neglected for about 5 years we have a substantial amount of undergrowth! – you need a powerful tool and a petrol-driven brushcutter is just the job.

Imagine a strimmer on steroids with an optional cutting blade that’ll rip through brambles and ground elder like a hot samurai sword through butter and you might get some idea of its power.

Of course, safety is important with 40cc driving a spinning blade, so I donned my steel toecap trainer boots, welding gloves, helmet and visor. Putting on my harness – this thing is so heavy you need a harness to support its weight and you also need to steer it with two hands – I set about tidying up the ditch that runs between the communal road and our property boundary.

Power tools – especially petrol driven ones…

I love ’em!


7 Responses

  1. So why no picture of you kitted-up?

  2. And no doubt the beauty of France is that if you didn’t have any of that safety equipment, no-one would care, and you could carry on regardless! 🙂

  3. @Mr Rob
    The world isn’t ready yet.

  4. @JuliaM
    You speak the truth.
    We bought a lightshade from a brico the other week. As it was a Tiffany one, it was on display about 20 feet up, so an assistant was sent up a rickety stepladder to get it…
    Yesterday our next door neighbour was out in his garden with a chainsaw – no gloves, helmet or eye protection.
    Health & Safety?
    What’s that?

  5. I don’t think they even have words for it. Santé et Sauvetage, perhaps? Hmm, it’s got alliteration, so the lowest common denominator media might latch onto it. Just hope they don’t follow your blog!

  6. That’s no steen kin power tool..
    THIS is a power tool !!!
    135 cc and weighs about as much as a small truck. Takes me a week to work up the courage to start my one…

  7. @Bulaman
    That’s definitely a big one!
    You win.
    Makes my 40cm chainsaw look like a toy…

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