Plots and plans

Here’s a very cool thing.

I don’t know if there’s a similar site in the UK, but here in France you can access what are known as cadastral plans showing buildings and the plots of land associated with them. The site is run by the equivalent of what we call the Land Registry in the UK. It’s a great service as it shows you exactly how much land you have and, if you’re buying, then how much you should have. It’s a free sevice too.

Here’s the cadastral plan of the hamlet or ‘lieu dit’ we live in:

Our house is the one on the right just below the house at the top. Diagonally across the road is a roughly hourglass-shaped plot of land which is where our barn is. Altogether we have 3 plots – #11 with the house on, #10 with the barn on and #56 which extends the garden by the house.

What’s even cooler than being able to access the modern cadastral plans is being able to see what as known as the Napoleonic cadastral plans. These were drawn up on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815 and were completed over a period of many years. The Napoleonic map showing our hamlet dates from 1840 and our house and barn – as well as the neighbouring properties – are clearly shown on it:

You can even see that some of the plot boundaries were the same in 1840 as they are today. The plot with our barn on is exactly the same shape!

It seems very likely, therefore, that our house dates from at least 1840 and the thick stone walls and massive oak beams certainly bear this out.

Today has been yet another glorious day with unbroken blue sky and, although there’s a chilly breeze, if you can find a sheltered spot then it’s really quite warm and a t-shirt is all you need.

I’ve just been out for a smoke…the lizards are basking on the window sill, blossom is breaking, cowslips are blooming by the pond and I heard a horse whinnying in the distance.

I’m a very happy bunny.


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  1. Looking at the two plans it seems to me that you own the street outside. Get a toll booth built into your outside wall and there’s a nice steady income for you.

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