Today, I ‘ave mostly been…

…oiling oak worktops, pruning sloe bushes, changing plugs from British to French ones, putting up a clothesline, Skyping our daughter and listening to Little Feat…

4 Responses

  1. you heard people in England now pay for perscriptions and subsidise the other nations so they dont have to..oh I love England

  2. @mpbaz

    As you may be aware, I’ve bashed heads here with one of the many flavours of English Nationalists and whilst I can see the attraction of more autonomy and equality for English interests, I still feel drawn to a *United* Kingdom.

    But yes, the inequalities are glaringly wrong and, unless sorted, might be the undoing of that unity.

    It’s one of those matters – like immigration – that seems unable to allow for reasoned opposition and subsequently opposition ends up stifled and under the control of the liberal factions within our society.

  3. Aren’t those French mains plugs cool? They look really cheap and nasty – dangerous, even – but work very well. I’m just surprised that the Brusselsmeisters haven’t made them compulsory Eu-wide.

  4. @The Jannie
    Yes, they’re very good and you can also get them with a ring attached so you can pull them out easily.
    I’m getting quite fast with them now – a good job too as it’s a real pain having to search for a plug adapter. The sooner we’ve gone all French the better.
    What I’m not going to do though is to change all the computer stuff plugs. I’ll just change the plug on the 10 socket mains tower.

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