It lives!

After 3 months without internet access at all, and the previous 8 months being a miserable crawl using a 3G dongle that made the days of 56K dialup seem almost fucking halcyon in comparison, we now have broadband here in the deepest wilds of the Mayenne.

Sure, it’s only 2MB, but it’s a very reliable and consistent 2MB and comes as part of an Orange ADSL package that gives us the interwebs, unlimited national and international VOIP phone calls and French TV for a reasonable price.

We finally moved into our house last Friday and this coming Friday marks the beginning of our second year here.

We can’t decide whether the past year has flown by or we’ve been here forever.

Regrets about leaving the UK?

Absolutely fucking none.

The hardest thing is leaving the people we love behind – family and friends – but we’ve been back to the UK twice, are going at least twice this year and have had visitors with more to come.

The continued existence of this blog was never in question and, rest assured, it will be regularly updated with the usual mixture of comment, music reviews and reports from France on what we’re up to.

I’d thought about creating separate blogs for these categories but decided against it as I’d rather put my energies into the writing rather than organise several blogs.

I’m back.


12 Responses

  1. Welcome back! 🙂

  2. Welcome back, your blog is always a good read and I’m glad you haven’t fallen by the wayside like so many did in the last year. 🙂

  3. Good to see you back, mon amis!

    Get blogging already!


  4. Yay! And here’s me moaning about to broadband for 6 weeks. (We’ve moved too). Can’t believe that’s a year already. Defo flown in.

  5. Congratulations. It’s good to see you back. How about a few photographs of Shark Towers from time to time?

  6. Nice to see you back! I had begun to think you’d fallen off the face of the earth.

  7. Nice to see you back. I’ll look forward to your posts as usual.

  8. I wondered if you’d been hijacked by Somali pirates on the way back. Back to the blogging and making us jealous of your move!

  9. Just to echo the other comments, good to have you back, Steve.

  10. You’re late.

  11. Better late than never!

  12. I’m glad you’re back – I thought you’d given it up – I’ve told so many people about your Blog !

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