Mother Fucker in the pub

We’ve just arrived back at the rental place here and found our post box stuffed with ‘pub’. ‘Pub’ – short for ‘publicite’ – is all the same sort of advertising leaflet and catalog bullshit that we used to get in the UK, but stuffed into the local free newspaper.

We call it ‘stuff’.

Anyhow, this ‘stuff’ includes supermarket, DIY store and electricals shop special offers and nestling, like a small but delightful treasure, amongst the pages of one of the Super U offer brochures was this:


I saw the DVD on a large display stand in our local Super U the other day and meant to get a photo of it but I forgot by the time we reached the check out so I was pleased to see it amongst all the ‘stuff’ today.

I’m guessing that after ‘cunt’, ‘mother fucker’ (usually one word in the UK and US) is about the most offensive term you can bestow on anyone, but here it means zilch.

Our mega-huge French dictionary gives ‘enfoire’ (m) and ‘enfoiree’ (f) as French equivalents of ‘motherfucker’, but these then translate back into English as ‘bastard’ and ‘bitch’ respectively. OK, not exactly terms you’d use in front of a priest or old lady here, but nowhere near as strong as ‘motherfucker’ in the UK.

The French have a very rich seam of swear words to mine, but they don’t seem to have the force that the limited English repertoire has. I’ve heard some quite respectable people use variants of the verbs ‘foutre’ and ‘se foutre’ which have a very vague similarity to the way the English use ‘fuck’, but it’s nowhere near as strong.

Incidentally, I’ve not heard a single person here say ‘merde’ yet.


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  1. Heh, French does appear to lack an equivalent term to the ‘c’ word, or at least anything nearly as robust. I spent the better part of an evening trying to explain to a froggy friend why it was kind of acceptable to call his boss an arsehole, but not a cunt. 🙂

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