Bread and cheese

Generally speaking, there’s not too much we miss in English food that we can’t buy here. Anything we can’t buy equivalents of here, we either make sure visitors or ourselves bring from the UK – Branston Pickle is a good example – or we just do without. We didn’t move here to live a totally English lifestyle, after all.

However, even though you really can’t beat a hunk of freshly baked baguette or pain, sometimes we crave white sliced bread. There are many sliced white loaves available here but they all seemed to be over-sweet, until now.

Toastaline is great. Baked with zero added sugar, it tastes exactly like British sliced white bread and the wholemeal version is just as good. The other advantage of sliced bread is that it keeps while fresh French bread doesn’t very well.

Cheddar cheese is something else we miss and whilst it’s available here it isn’t very good – even the Seriously Strong you can sometimes find doesn’t seem to be as good as its UK version. It’s a good job we still have a good stock in from when we had visitors last month.

There is a French equivalent though, as we recently discovered. Laguiole (yes, the same name as the famous pocket knives) is a firm, strong cheese that’s the nearest thing to a mature cheddar we’ve found so far. It has a not unpleasant aftertaste a bit like pears. The major drawback is the price. It’s on offer at Super U and it’s still 10.90 Euros a kilo.

Sometimes you have to pay for your pleasures…    

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