Talking crap

Much of the time daily life here in France can be exactly the same as it is in the UK, but there are a few aspects that are totally different.

Take rubbish collection, for example.

We don’t have dustcarts visiting the house weekly or fortnightly. Instead, we take our black rubbish sacks to the local ‘poubelle’ which is a big wheelie-bin down the track you take to get to the hamlet here. 5 houses use it.

You could, in theory, stick all your household crap in the black bag and get rid of it all together but you’re encouraged to follow recycling advice – ‘le bon tri’. This is made very easy as you have three ‘banks’ within easy reach of your house into which you put recyclable rubbish – glass, plastic, cartons, etc.

And hoo-fucking-rah! No fucking blue, red, green or polka dot boxes that you have to sort your crap into.

It’s easy and convenient and – most importantly – it’s up to you what you do. I really can’t see the day when anybody here will suggest sticking a chip in your bin to monitor your rubbish and then billing you for making too much of it.

People would probably torch their bins to make their opinion absolutely clear if that happened…

Another way in which life here really departs from the norm in the UK is how you get post.

Each house has its own lockable post box which you have to fix to the outer perimeter of your property. You can see the advantages when you consider the fact that many deliveries are in sparsely-populated rural areas. Our postman delivers by van and he’s a very nice guy. In areas such as round here he’s a useful source of news and advice and he also keeps an eye out for the welfare of people in isolated properties.

We had to buy a new post box as the one with our new house was unlockable as some twat had broken the key off in the keyhole.

One trip to the local Bricomarche, three holes and three screws later, et voila!

A new post box!


Merde, that fucking wall took some drilling into…but then again, it is solid stone.

We also spent a fair amount of time looking through what the previous owners left behind. There’s a lot of crap, but there’s also some good stuff which I’m taking back to the UK to sell some time. Under French law, you buy property ‘as seen’ so whatever’s there when you sign for it is yours – or not, if the vendors clear it completely.

In our case, we have lots of items of furniture – some antique – which we’re going to refinish and keep – or sell – brand new bench grinder, exterior lights and ceiling fan, shower fittings, sinks, loads of power tools, a silver pocket watch with chain and a Range Rover.

Yes, a Range Rover – which we’ll sell for spares.

But there’s more – much more.

Tomorrow will be spent carrying on clearing out the crap, although I think there’s going to a lot left for a few more days.

Ah well, no rush!


2 Responses

  1. I just bought aplace, a car garage with a house built in, for my m/c repair business, he left me a 3.5 tonne car lift amongst other things which include much good will and as the 2 biggest M/C dealers in town are closing at the end of dec, I think I will be busy.

  2. Nice!
    Hope you get lots of business.

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