Right…we’ve had the wasps, the hornets and the daddy longlegs…

Now we’ve discovered we have mice.

If I could, I’d have the most toxic mouse killer available salted all around the house but that’s not an option I’m happy with given that we have cats – two hulking great Maine Coon males called Django and Oscar.

Django* has caught a fair few mice while we’ve been here (along with numerous voles, moles, lizards, assorted birds – from sparrows to pigeons – and even a bat) but there’s limits to where even he can go in the house to catch them so last Friday we invested in a couple of mouse traps.

To start with, I baited one with some cheese (Seriously Strong cheddar) and placed it in one of the kitchen cupboards and we woke up the next morning to find this:

P1010356 - Copy

That’s one dead motherfucker…

We were dead chuffed to say the least and our feelings of success swept aside any feelings of sentiment we might have had for the little fucker.

Subsequent attempts to slaughter mice have been unsuccessful, but I’m guessing they learn where the traps are left so tonight it’s going to be two traps and in different places.

I suppose it’s all part of rural life – not something we’ve had much experience of before moving here. To judge by the tubs of raticide and souricide you see in the shops here, rodent pests are quite common so we’re not alone.

*As for Oscar, he seems more interested in catching moths…


3 Responses

  1. It seems that sweet things work better than cheese – chocolate is the preferred bait of choice these days. The old cartoons were lying to us! 😦

  2. Agree about the chocolate – I was told this some years ago and it works really well. If you really have a mouse problem, you will need to be active. Set the traps every night, in different places, and deal with the results every morning. It will only last a short time – the colder weather is bringing them in to seek warm places to nest. Once the weather is properly cold, the problem usually goes away. Say 3-4 weeks.

  3. Julia is correct, chocolate is the way to go!

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