The French paper chase – continued

After yesterday’s abortive trip to the tax office in Chateau Gontier, we’ve managed to sort out the proof of address problem.

A trip to the Mairie here this afternoon was very productive.

Although Monsieur le Maire is on holiday until August 15th – nice work if you can get it – his very friendly and efficient secretary came up with the goods and we now have an ‘Attestation de Domicile’, duly stamped and signed on behalf of the mayor. I hope she enjoys the tin of shortbread we took along with us…

So, back to the tax office we’ll go tomorrow and see if we can get the last piece of paper needed for our Carte Grise.

Watch this space…


2 Responses

  1. Hmm. More efficient than Germany.

    Here, if the “boss”is away, you can FORGET doing anything until he comes back. The idea of a “stand in” appears to have escaped the German Government departments.

  2. […] and Thousands (on the trifle of life) The French paper chase – continued 11 hours […]

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