The French paper chase

Fuck, fuck and…er…fuck again…

French bureaucracy has just bitten me in the arse.

I’m trying to re-register my car so I can get the ‘carte grise’ and have French plates – no road tax then! – which is a legal requirement eventually if I’m staying here.

I’ve done everything right so far, and at no small expense:

  • Headlights changed for driving on the wrong side of the road – 414 Euros
  • Controle Technique (French MOT valid for 2 years) – 62 Euros
  • Certificate of Conformity from Ford – £82.25

So, off I go to the Hotel des Impots (local tax office) at Chateau Gontier to get the last piece of paperwork – a declaration that my car isn’t new and that I don’t owe any money on it – before taking the whole wodge of documents to Laval to get re-registered, only to find that they need proof of my address.

This will have to be done through my local mayor here, who should be able to provide me with an attestation of my address.

The fact that I have French car insurance, French top-up health insurance, a French social security number and a French bank account – all of which are dependent on me having provided a valid and verifiable French address on four separate occasions already – didn’t seem to cut any ice with the lady at the tax office, even when I showed her the documents.

So, I’m back home after a 70km round trip that achieved rather less than fuck all.

Still, few things have annoyed me about living in France so far so I’m just going to go with the flow, roll with the punches, suck it up, blah, blah, blah…

All the same…fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck…


3 Responses

  1. Your insouciance about the French bureaucracy was intriguing me – welcome to the club!

  2. My tax office just needed two separate bills with my name on them and the house address to allow my car to be registered.

    Now how the fuck did you get your Carte Verte so easily?

    I haven’t had one for 4 fucking years but I have an Attestation des Droits Letter which works as well but forces me to apply manually for repayments of justified medical expenses. With the card it would have been automatic.

    Latest wheeze is that they need a copy of my Birth Certificate, translated into French by a “certified” translator. My (EU model)passport says I was I am a UK citizen and born in the UK. It is acceptable by the Douane and French Immigration Police but not the dorks of the RSI

    I think I will get this sorted out just before I move on.

    I think that by the time they sor

  3. Now, about that French Permis de Conduire

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