Last night I saw an elephant…

If you’re a Groucho Marx fan – I am! – you’ll probably finish this sentence off with something like ‘…in my pyjamas – why he was wearing my pyjamas I’ll never know…’

However, after last night I think I’ll go with ‘Last night I saw an Elephant Hawk Moth.’

I was out closing the shutters when I became aware of a large moth. Mindful of the fabulous Emperor Moth that Oscar caught a few weeks ago, I rushed inside, grabbed a torch and saw this fantastic creature:


Although they’re quite common, I’ve never seen an Elephant Hawk Moth before and with its pink colouring it blew me away. Pink’s not a colour you see very often on a land animal!

They’re attracted by honeysuckle and, sure enough, there’s a huge honeysuckle bush by the window it was fluttering at. A couple of days ago there were Hummingbird Moths around the bush, so that’s definitely one plant we’ll have in the garden of the house we’re buying.

Speaking of which, we’re off out in a few minutes to meet the notaire (solicitor) who’s handling the house purchase which is very good as it ties everything up before we visit the UK next week.

It seems a strange prospect to be a visitor to the country of your birth. We’ve been out here nearly 4 months and I really can’t imagine living anywhere else but it’ll be great to see the family and catch up – not to mention stock up on new books, t-shirts and Cheddar!


We’ve just got back from meeting Maître Jamois, our notaire and a very nice chap, and having parted with a 10% deposit everything’s in place. From now on it’s down to him and the vagaries of the French legal/conveyancing process.

4 Responses

  1. Fabulous picture!

  2. Fab picture.

    About 3 years ago the squids found a giant elephant hawk moth caterpiller jobby. They are huge. The squids wanted to keep it and watch it transform so we popped it in a tank and waited, and waited, and waited and finally, some 6 months later it did emerge. The squids were chuffed to nuts. The moth was returned to the very honey suckle plant it was found under. They are rather partial to fushias as well.

    Mummy x

  3. Good to see everything is falling into place mate, great stuff.

    As for moths… AAAAAAAAARGH!!

    They are the only thing that give me the ‘willies’. I run away from them, I hate the horrible bastards.


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