Oscar and nectarines

Just a brief post to ask if anyone reading this has ever known a cat to like fruit.

Our two Maine Coons enjoy various things that you’d expect cats to like – cooked meat, crisps, cheese, yoghurt and, perhaps more unusually, raisins – but Oscar goes crazy for nectarines.

Speaking of the cats, we left the UK in early March with a cat who was a bit aloof and timid – Django – and a cat who seemed not to care less about wandering great distances and was generally very sociable – Oscar.

Now, three months since we moved, Django has become really laid back and very affectionate (although he’ll kill anything he can get hold of, it seems) whilst Oscar appears to be a bit more cautious and less sociable. It’s not that he’s become withdrawn, just a bit less gung ho.

Django looking for things to kill from the barn window:


Oscar doing what Oscar likes doing best:


Incidentally, pet insurance is crap here in France. With lower vet bills it seems to make little sense to get it. Plus you can’t insure for the value of a pedigree cat.

Hmm…not such a brief post…

7 Responses

  1. My two Siames weill both lap up watermelon juice, and have been known to munch on the fruit salad in a trifle, though in the case of the latter, I suspect the cream and custard is more the drawer…

  2. We used to have a cat who loved bolognese sauce. I did a spot of batch cooking once and having divided the sauce up into chinese takeaway dishes, I left them to cool off prior to freezing.

    I cam back later to find every bloody dish had been nibbled. Needless to say, the cat ate bolognese sauce for the next three weeks.

    My springer spaniel eats anything, tomatoes, celery, you name it. He’s even been seen eating water melon skins!!

  3. Dogs are quite happy to eat all sort of fruit – one of ours perfected the art of plucking raspberries right off the canes in the garden, leaving the husk on the plant. We’d been blaming the birds, until we caught him at it…

    Grapes aren’t good for them though – something in the skins?

  4. Both our cats will eat chili con carne and quite a hot one, too.

    Dogs don’t count! 😉

    In my limited experience of Labradors they’ll eat almost anything…

  5. I had a cat once a few years ago, who loved chips. My current cat is purely carnivorous apart from a love of ice-cream! I’m glad everything’s going well for you Steve.

  6. @schlumpf
    Yes, Django will eat chips. He’s the more adventutous of the two.
    Oscar won’t touch wet food at all. He mostly eats Royal Canin Maine Coon food. Give him a fresh bowl and he tucks in like it’s caviar.

  7. Dunno about cats, but I have successfully got our rabbit eating doner kebabs and drinking Stella. next i’m going to teach him to smoke 🙂

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