Update at last!

Well, after a struggle, I’m finally on the internet via an Orange 3G stick which took some getting.

A brief update…the move went well. Everything was taken away in a highly efficient manner by the excellent Hunts of Redditch – whom I can recommend without reservation – and we had an uneventful crossing.

We’ve been here just over three weeks and now have bank cards from Credit Agricole, we’ve registered with CPAM – the French health service – and viewed about 8 houses.

I can’t say we’re much clearer in our own heads about what we want to buy. We’ve seen old houses, new houses, ones ready to move into and ones that need some money spending on them…It’d be great if we could find somewhere fairly soon so we can move in about July or August. There’s certainly no shortage of properties!

Things generally got off to a slow start with Mrs Shark having a major Menieres attack whilst we were browsing Chateau Gontier’s Friday market – a week after we arrived here – but she’s just about over it now thank fuck. It’s a nasty condition with eventual deafness and symptoms of extreme vertigo and the consequent vomiting but it’s just got to be lived with and given time to recede. Hopefully, that’s it for a few months. Fingers crossed!

We were talking about the move so far last night and we really don’t regret it. We have peace and quiet here and a chance at a way of life we’ve both wanted for years.

I’ll try and keep this updated now, but this 3G stick is a bit slow and everything has to be written offline unless I sell a kidney to pay for top ups on it. It’s like being on dial up all over again!

C’est la vie!

14 Responses

  1. Hurrah!

    Hope the missus is OK.

  2. Welcome back Steve, you haven’t missed much other than Old Holborn standing for parliament (complete with B&D hissy fit) Oh and it looks like Labour might just win a general election so you’re definitely better off out of here.

  3. It’s ALIVE!!

    Good to hear from you. I too hope the missus is ok and the househunting proves fruitful

  4. Excellent! I’m assuming that your web activity will be sparse until you get your own, owned, place? In which case, get out there and choose somewhere.

    Hope all goes well in the meantime. 🙂

  5. Good for you. Well done!!

    I do hope Mrs Shark is up and about and feeling better.

  6. Great to hear from you Steve

    Keep up with the updates, we want to hear more.



  7. Hope the missus is feeling better, I occasionally have attacks of labyrythitus myself which is nearly enough the same as men. disease. It’s bloody horrible and I really know what she has been through. Dizzy times is a good site, I have some others that I will have to dig out.

  8. Glad to hear the move went ok, Steve – good luck with the househunting, and hope Mrs Shark is feeling better.

  9. Glad to hear it all went OK; sounds like the problem may be too much choice, which is still way better than the alternative!

    With 33% of the population planning to vote Labour, you are definitely in the right place!

    Good luck with the house searching, and hope your wife has now recovered.

  10. Glad the move went smoothly Steve. Hope the house-hunting goes well. And best wishes to Mrs Mud.

  11. Glad all is ok , hope the missus gets better soon.
    Please hurry back. need my other tag team partner lol.
    hope you find somewhere soon.
    God bless mate

  12. Never noticed the update mate.

    Hope all is going to plan and the missus is fine.

  13. Steve!

    Get thee back into blogging mate, we miss you!

  14. What that bell end above me said!

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