Vinnie Jones update = shameless cash in

In a shameless attempt to increase blog hits and also appear as if I give a fuck about reality TV – but mainly to get page hits – I’ve updated my post about Vinnie Jones’ twatting in a bar fight in 2008.

Yes, it’s old news, but who cares?

Jones is one of the M-list celebrity cunts housemates in the last ever Celebrity Big Brother so I get a chance to post some cutting edge shit.

And here’s a picture of the twat looking even more twattish than he usually does:

If you’re a fan, then you’re probably a twat too.

8 Responses

  1. Not that ‘X-Men: Last Stand’ actually needed any more material to make it suck big time, but oh, boy, Vinnie as the Juggernaut pretty much finished it off…

  2. i agree totally i used to like vinnie but since watching him for a few minutes in the cbb house i have come to the conclusion hes a total muppet. he keeps babbling on about the movie gone in 60 seconds you know the movie he had a non speaking part in. i mean honestly its a fuking joke vinnie jones is as much a movie star as i am. now hes picking on lady sov who in my opinion is the most talented person in there. vinnie you muppet blow me!!!!

  3. Is Vinnie Jones gay?

    Who did Vinnie Jones have an affair with?

    Is X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg gay?

    Birmingham is the roughest, most violent, crime ridden and drug ridden shithole slum city in Britain/UK.

  4. I recently became more interested in Vinnie Jones after learning that my favourite comics creator, Howard Chaykin, was writing and drawing a comic starring him as a secret agent. Many Jones-mentioning blogs have gotten hits from me visiting as I attempt to find out what date the comic comes out and what company will publish it.

    Also, in retrospect, I vaguely remember that Jones was in an episode of Extras, but back then I wasn’t familiar with him.

  5. Haha u call him a twat now..
    Since you’re probably either a scrawny litte pecker or a fat turd, I dare you to say it to his face, and see how Mr. Jones reacts.
    Hahaha u scrawny interwanker

  6. Ah, but you see, Mr Reily, whereas if I’m scrawny I could get more muscular with weight training or if I’m fat then I could lose weight, Vinnie will always be a twat and so, you worthless motherfucker, will you.


  7. I’m not a fan of Vinny but I bet you wouldn’t call him a twat to his face. Internet tuff guys make me laugh. I guess your safe in mums basement behind screen tho

  8. James, I wrote this piece nearly 4 years ago. If you can’t come up with anything better than that in all that time, you can just fuck the fuck off.
    I’m not in my mum’s basement – she never had one and she died 14 years ago anyway.
    Besides, aren’t you behind a screen, too?

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