The stupidity of Nadine Dorries – Episode 2679

Mad Nad’s at it again…

Part 2 of Tory Rascal’s interview with the Miss Haversham of British politics reveals more of her rampant stupidity.

As many here may know, Nad has a blog but you can’t leave a comment on it.


Because, as she reveals to Tory Rascal:

I don’t take comments because I’ve never had the time to read through them.


The other reason was that I was getting a lot of unpleasant comments from the left,

Ah…that’s the real reason…

And just the Left? I don’t think so.

and I didn’t want to see my staff end up having to deal with them as well.

Back to fantasy now.

Some of the language and content was shocking, so I stopped taking comments.

But, Nadine, I thought you understood the language of the street! (see * below)

OK…so Nad’s blog is a bit one-way and thus really a tad fucking pointless in my opinion, but let’s carry on – it gets better…

Tory Rascal (TR): There’s been a mini-storm recently about your and Kerry McCarthy’s habit of blocking lots of people on Twitter. What’s the difference between your policy and Kerry’s on that front?

Mad Nad (MN): I haven’t got a policy, really, and I have no idea if Kerry does.  My attitude is that it’s about freedom of tweet – I’ll fight for free tweet!  I retain the right to do whatever l I like.  If I want to block someone, I’ll do it and I don’t care what people think about that.  What makes me laugh is that some people really believe that there’s something to criticise me for about that. I wouldn’t dream of criticising someone else for that.

So, she blocks on Twitter and so do I, but only spammers. The reading of opposite opinions to my own is all part of engaging with other people even though it may not always be 100% pleasant.

TR: So how do you respond to the point of view that says that you’re a politician, so you should be prepared for debate and for people with strong points of view, rather than block them?

MN: That’s a false argument. I don’t want to debate with people on Twitter! I go into the Chamber to debate. I use my blog, write columns, meet my constituents.  Those are places for debate. Not Twitter.  What depth of debate can you have in 140 characters?  It’s nonsense.


How the fucking fuckity fuck can you debate on a blog if you don’t allow comments?

What depth of debate does blocking blog comments offer?

As for going into the Chamber for debate, Nad’s record seems a touch mediocre, to say the least.

From then on, the interview continues in a similar vein, with Nad still coming out with twaddle and Tory Rascal lapping it up:

TR: The left-wing blogosphere seems to really, really dislike you.

MN: I love that! They so hate me, don’t they?

Not just the left-wing, Nad – some of us Libertarians aren’t too keen on you, either.

And if you like criticism and abuse so much, why fucking block it?

I think it’s because of what that senior Labour MP said to me.  They see me as a threat in terms of my normality, so they portray me as mad.  It’s because I am a normal person.  I grew up on a council estate, I worked as a nurse, and I understand the language of the street*.

Wrong again – it’s because you’re a fucking idiot who troughed like a motherfucker and gave your two daughters very well paid jobs in a spectacularly nepotistic abuse of your position.

She still doesn’t get it.

And if you’re going to vote for her next year, neither do you…

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