MP3s and MEPs

Here’s yet another worrying indication that the extent to which people are having their capacity to assume the smallest degree of responsibilty for themselves and others is being increasingly eroded by legislation – this time from Europe.

In a drive to reduce hearing loss and damage amongst young people, the European Commission is recommending that a limit of 100 decibels is set on personal digital music players – iPods and the like for those readers who have been in Ulan Bator yak-molesting for the past 10 years. It’s proposed that such units are set at a ‘safe’ level of 85 decibels but that this may be over-ridden to a maximum volume of 100dB.

Apart from the usual habit of Brussels once again sticking its fucking nose into areas that it should leave well alone, what is rather more worrying was a comment from a representative of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) I heard on the radio this morning; that young people she’d spoken to thought that if mp3 players were damaging to the hearing then the government would have done something about them before.

What a sad reflection on the attitude of the young that government restrictions aren’t just accepted, but implicitly sought.

And where are their parents in all of this?

It’s common knowledge that hearing can be lost or damaged by excessive volume, so isn’t it the parents’ responsibility to warn their children about this?

Obviously, this isn’t a concern for the Eurocrats who seek to absolve yet another group they claim to serve of the responsibility to get on with their lives in a manner of their own choosing.

Perhaps educating those parents who do not know this could obviate the need for yet more intrusive legislation that doesn’t just affect a target group, but the rest of us.

I like cranking my iPod up loud – not all the time, maybe, but once in a while I feel the need for really loud music. Under the proposed legislation, my next iPod might, like the people Brussels is targeting, be emasculated.

So, with yet one more EU measure, people are absolved of any responsibility for their own welfare, and that of their dependents, and individual autonomy is given yet another swift kick in the balls.

Thank fuck not every Eurocrat thinks like this:

Conservative MEP Martin Callanan, who sits on the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee, said: “Kids have always listened to their music loud and this is not going to stop them.”

He added: “You have to educate them to the risks but ultimately you have to allow personal responsibility and personal choice.”


Brussels – leave us the FUCK alone.

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  1. Ties in with the recent post by Old Holborn and the way in which the public have increasingly allowed the government to “do the thinking” for them. As I commented there, our children are far more likely to be a victim of this as this government’s educational policy has set out to produce a generation only taught to quickly answer superficial questions that do not require real thought or understanding, while suppressing the ability to think outside of convention or question the propaganda which is forced upon them.

    You ask, “Where are their parents in all of this?” Sadly, most don’t realise what state education is doing to their children’s minds, and won’t until it is too late.

    As I said over at my place, it isn’t “school” anymore, it is day care. With value-added-indoctrination.

  2. Yes, the indoctrination angle is one that I’ve been increasingly aware of recently.

    It seems that 12 years of Labour government have started to bear fruit and people are beginning to become far more compliant and accept that all this fucking shit is for the common good.

    It’s one thing to get a buttfucking, but quite another to say ‘thank you and why not have another go?’ afterwards.

    This is what we’re getting to.

  3. I don’t understand this story at all (and burbled thus on the BBC website). iPods destined for sale within the EU have always had the 85dB cap installed… haven’t they? My 4th Gen pre-colour iPod certainly has. And what I’ve always done (and will continue to do) is use GoPod to disable it.

    What annoys me most is that (I assume) what they’re talking about is not a noise-meter (which would be less of a problem… I tend not to listen all that loud) but a simple gain limiter. So while you may not hit the EU volume cap until your modern over-mastered rock album is at a deafening level anyway, you’ll never get the quiet bit of (say) Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra loud enough to hear over traffic noise.

  4. I heard this on the news only half an hour ago. I don’t have an ipod but wonder, if this legislation comes about, what is the next step? Everything you own, TV, Sterio, Hi-Fi would be next using Noise Polution or some such drivel. And, of course, you have “experts” crawling out of the woodwork to nudge the eurocrats in the right direction…cunts!

  5. Great article Steve. In short, government have now fully taken on the role of guardian over every aspect of our lives. Personal responsibility is a part of history.

  6. […] MP3s and MEPs – Look out, bad things can hurt you, but don't worry, there will be another authoritarian law along soon to protect you. […]

  7. Never heard of GoPod, but i was going to chime in with a comment on the ease of overcoming restrictions in digital devices.
    I found out how to hack my phone to make it louder on headphones in about five minutes.

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