Jedward, Gordon Brown and hair gel

I had the misfortune to wander through our sitting room while Jedward were on the TV.

If you’re lucky enough to be asking yourself ‘Who or what the fuck is/are Jedward’ then I’m going to really screw your day up by directing you here.

And now I’m really going to piss on your chips by showing you a picture of them:

(I really don’t see why other people shouldn’t appreciate their full horror after I was exposed to it. I’m mentally fucking scarred for life now…)

But something about their appearance awoke a dormant thought in me…a dim and distant memory of something I’d seen before that reminded me of the twins so beloved of our one-eyed cunt of a Prime Minister…

I wrestled with my addled brain for seconds and then it suddenly came (if you’ll pardon the pun) to me!

Remember this scene from the Farrelly Brothers’ film ‘There’s Something About Mary’?

Is that hair gel?”

And a parting thought for you…a load of verbals from Gordon Brown is known as his ‘hairdryer technique’.

Enjoy your lunch…

One Response

  1. Kind of them to give visual warning that they are, almost literally it would seem, dickheads.

    Don’t worry, my first encounter with them here has not been too traumatic, we’re used to these sort of people in London – you’ve got to have some twats like this around to shift the dodgy fake designer brand goods onto and to overcharge on just about everything – they keep the economy moving.

    Unlike Mr Brown.

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