Ladybird madness!

I’ve seen ladybirds hibernating before – usually singly, and occasionally in pairs – but never in clusters.

Here’s 16 of them, all huddled together on the side of the capstone on top of the churchyard gate pillar outside my house:

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  1. Maybe a larger cluster is for more protection against the cold, so it’s a sign of an impending hard winter. But I hope NOT…………..

  2. Wonder if they were the same ones I saw here – there’s a slight resemblance!

  3. I heard an article on the radio a couple of weeks ago that mentioned a bit of an explosion in Ladybird numbers this year. I didn’t catch why.

    I do remember Puddlecote Snr’s car being entirely covered with them on a trip to Margate in 1976 though. We had a good summer then. This time we get the infestation without the weather.

  4. It’s because we’ve killed all the polar bears!

    I remember an infestation several years ago with people claiming that they’d got bitten by ladybirds…

  5. I still claim I was bitten by ladybirds this summer. Never knew they could bite, but definitely felt something – maybe they’re evolving into a new vicious species 😉

    For 2 or 3 days they were covering cars in Norfolk this summer, as Dick Puddlecote remembers. Even driving, there were hundreds bouncing off the windscreen

    Useless trivia note – a collective noun for ladybirds is “a loveliness of ladybirds.”

  6. Two of them might be having more fun than the others….

  7. Like toads! Toad balls – huge balls of male toads with a female in the middle…

  8. Much like any West End “nightclub” then….

  9. They are harlequin Ladybirds, I think although it’s hard to tell from your picture. All Ladybirds can bite but apparently harlequin Ladybirds are more prone to, They do hibernate in clusters… i’ve had a problem with them attempting to hibernate in my house for about three years running!

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