The glorious inanity of pop music


One of my favourite Noel Coward quotes – and I’ve used it in this blog before – is this:

Extraordinary how potent cheap music is

And he’s not fucking wrong.

Pop music, by its very nature, was never intended to be of lasting worth – although much of it is – but sometimes the most inane music can capture public imagination in an enduring way.

Foe some bizarre reason, I’ve had this first piece in my head a lot lately and although it’s totally dumb, it’s great fun. Here’s Electric Six with ‘Gay Bar’. Turn your intellect off and just enjoy some great but edifyingly stoopid pop music:

The companion piece is much older. It’s Scotland’s finest: the Rezillos. The girl singer’s stage name always makes me laugh. Fay Fife…”I’m Fay Fife’…”I’m from Fife’…imagine this said in a Scottish accent…

The Rezillos were great fun and covered many songs that were already totally dumb like ‘Glad All Over’ and ‘I Like It’. However, they also wrote some great original material and here they are with ‘(My baby does) Good Sculptures’. In fact, the overall vibe – guitar-based, slightly crazed over the top enthusiasm – isn’t a million miles away from ‘Gay Bar’, which shows that there’s always room in our lives for cheap music – and hoo-fucking-ray for that I say!

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