Maggot wriggles off hook

My heart fucking bleeds for the troughing cunt

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been told to apologise in the House of Commons for breaching expenses rules.

Not content with ripping off the taxpayer, with the only ‘punishment’ for this a semi-public apology, this fucking trougher is still trotting out the same old tired fucking shit that she and her fellow sty members¬† have consistently used to justify their greed.

In a written response to the inquiry Ms Smith said: “I am disappointed that this process has not led to a fairer set of conclusions, based on objective and consistent application of the rules as they were at the time.”

She said the report, “appears to be heavily influenced by subjective judgements about my personal circumstances”.

No shame, no humility, no acknowledgment that she, along with the rest of the troughing cunts, fucked the taxpayer over for every last penny that she could screw us for.

We even paid for her husband’s wank films…

I urge everyone, don’t let this shit get buried.

Remember it – if you blog, blog it – just don’t let these cunts wriggle off the hook.

If we let these cockdrips get away with it, they’ll just buttfuck us all again.


5 Responses

  1. We have no fucking balls (and I don’t mean fuckface Ed) in this cuntry and we deserve all we fucking well get. For my part I feel I should be taken out and shot because I voted in these fuckers who treat me like a fucking piece of shit.

    She’s not good enough to be gang raped, the bitch.

  2. She needs to be shot in the face is that objective enough for her….!!. I’m not a violent person but i’ve had enough. And pisses me off that she wasn’t disgraced with being sacked but was allowed to skulk away.


  3. I’m sensing some antipathy towards Ms Smith here…

  4. She should also have been made to apologise for having been a shite home secretary.

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