Electric Eddy Shaver

Billy Joe Shaver.

Not a household name, perhaps, but together with his son Eddy as the band Shaver he’s responsible for one of my favourite country rock albums.

Sure, as a born-again Christian, Billy Joe’s a bit too religious for my taste but before he was ‘born again’ he seems to have lived a hell of a life and every so often his alcoholism resurfaces and gets him into all sorts of trouble.

A troubled and complex character.

It probably comes as no surprise that it’s the guitar playing of his son Eddy that mainly attracted me to the band Shaver.

Eddy had (yes, had) a great touch – a nice mellow overdriven Strat tone and a definite talent for combining rock and country playing in any proportion you can think of.

Unfortunately, however, Eddy’s no longer plugging in and wailing as he became yet another smackhead rock casualty in 2001.

Equally unfortunate is the fact that there’s not that much of Eddy is to be found on film, but there is this that I found on Youtube and shows him pretty much at his peak.



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