That ‘fin de siecle’ feeling?

Bring a bottle – Dress optional – RSVP

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that today has a sort of ‘fin de siècle’ feeling about it?

I think it’s all to do with the Labour Conference and what really puts the tin lid on it was Brown’s increasingly annoyed mood yesterday as he gave interviews to various reporters who didn’t ask him the questions that he’d prepared the answers for.

They took Brown right off the script and left him floundering and regurgitating the same old empty messages of hope to a severely pissed-off TV audience.

In the end, Brown had just had enough and finally stomped away from the interview area after giving Sky News’ Adam Boulton not just a look which could kill, but a look which was guaranteed to visit all the agonies of Purgatory on you and every cunt else you know with vaguely similar DNA, before letting you all die a very slow and lingering death at the hands of the bastard feral offspring of Heinrich Himmler and Elizabeth Bathory.

What Brown wanted to talk about, of course, was Labour’s ‘new’ plans for after the next election but what he got asked about was the Sun’s withdrawal of support and his fitness to be leader of his party.

I can’t recall a UK Prime Minister ever reacting to an interviewer quite like Brown did to Boulton.

Yes, Prescott actually lamped an egg-thrower and Michael Howard stormed out of a Paxman interview but they weren’t Prime Ministers.

What Brown did was totally unique as far as I know and a sign, surely, that just as much as we’re totally fucked off with him, so he is with the current situation.

Not a happy camper.

(And I suppose, to be fair, if you’ve pissed of the Sun then you might as well piss off Sky News as well.)

Hence my ‘fin de siècle’ mood.

Brown is a dead man walking, this government is out sometime next year and the Labour Party itself may never recover from what is going to be a humiliating defeat.

Not that it’s good times ahead.

No, a true ‘fin de siècle’ mood isn’t one of hope after degeneracy, but rather a sort of euphoric feeling about what lies ahead even though you have no idea what it’s going to be like.

The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to weightlessness, but a weightlessness of the mind – a sort of cerebral free fall into the future.

We’ll have a Tory government sometime in 2010, and perhaps next week at the Tory Conference – and it’ll be about fucking time too – some idea of what Cameron and his merry band of Bullingdon boys are going to do to make this country a bit less fucked up than it’s been for the last 12 years.

I’m not expecting any magic wands to be waved – certainly there’s no fucking money left to do anything positive with so to get some money eventually it’s going to have to be negativity in the form of cuts. I really can’t see any alternative.

Who the fuck knows?

Maybe we should take a little advice from His Purpleness and, until next week at least, maybe party down – perhaps not like it’s 1999 but certainly as if it’s a small turning point in our history and our lives.

At this point I’d have added a link to a YouTube video of Mr Squiggle singing 1999 but the little fucker won’t allow his videos on there so this’ll have to do instead.

Not exactly a hardship though…


2 Responses

  1. Yes, Obo, I only wrote this a few minutes ago and I’d read your article earlier today.

    I don’t remember ‘fin de siecle’ in yours but I must have read it and subconsciously filed it away.

    No plagiarism intended and they’re two different stances anyway.


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