Stephen Pound speaks – yet again

Makes you want to blow chunks, doesn’t it?

Stephen Pound MP – that well-known media whore shrinking violet – was on Radio 5 Live last night on the Nolan phone-in show.

He referred to:

The foul foetid reeking swamp of the blogosphere

I guess I might well be part of that due to articles like this.

I fucking hope so.

Strange, isn’t it, how the Left really doesn’t like blogs, blogging or bloggers?

Mind you, when you read something like this then you soon realise why.

It’s because they’re just no fucking good at it.


3 Responses

  1. Is this the consistent, thoughtful politician, who argued against the smoking ban – then gave up himself and has spoken out ever since about how we should all do the same as him or we are intrinsically evil?

    I think it is, you know.

    What this shows is that Stephen Pound believes we should all think the way he thinks.

    I’m glad he doesn’t like blogs as it shows we are doing something right.

  2. It’s because the cunts can’t control it.

  3. That’s a fair point, Rab, but then no-one is going to be able to control it – no matter who gets in at the GE next year.

    I anticipate being just as hostile towards the Tories as I hope I am towards Labour.

    Just another set of cunts.

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