Giant chickens and the stains on Jacqui Smith’s sofa

Fucking hell.

It must be a bit slow in the Telegraph news room lately if they have to come up with stuff  like this.

Suggested owners of the ‘mystery’ hand range from an alien living in Finland, a giant chicken and one of the members of Finnish metuhl band Lordi.

What a load of cuntwaffle.

It’s as plain as the jizz stains on Jacqui Smith’s sofa who it belongs to.*

Jeremy Cunting Beadle.

The picture above is all the proof one needs…

*Yes, I know it should be ‘to whom it belongs’ but do you want a blog entry or a fucking grammar lesson?


4 Responses

  1. Jeremy Beadle has a really small cock.

    But on the other hand, it’s massive…

  2. Jeremy Beadle and Lordi?

    This is one of the better blog posts, Steve 🙂

  3. Fucking topical too.

    Jeremy Beadle, Jacqui Smith, Lordi…

    This shit doesn’t write itself you know 😉

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