BMW 1 series

If you are considering buying one of these…

…and can afford it, might I suggest that you go for either the Comfort or the Dynamic options package?

It appears that some people have opted for the Logsucker package which has a CUNT behind the wheel.

At least that’s what I was forced to conclude when I was overtaken by one on the inside at a roundabout yesterday.


7 Responses

  1. Or possibly you might want to not fall asleep while traversing a roundabout. :o>

  2. Obo – I’m the first person to put my hand up and admit it when I do something cuntish when I’m driving.

    But this guy was totally fucking stupid.

    After he’d forced me over into the outside lane he went on to cut in front of the Mini in front of me on the approach to the next roundabout.

    If I was religious I’d say it was a miracle that myself or the Mini driver weren’t in hospital this morning.

    Grade A cunt – no question…

  3. I can’t entirely blame the cunt.

    It’s hard not to treat MK like a race track. But maybe that’s because 50% of my driving time in MK is on the way home from Daytona…


  4. All the cocks drive Audis now (apparently) so only the cunts drive BMWs.. .. . .. ..

  5. When they withdrew the Ford Tampon (XR3) [1] the choices became quite a bit more limited.

    [1] Used to be said that every cunt’s got one.

  6. What’s the feeling about Merc drivers then?

  7. Merc drivers? You’ve seen my car, haven’t you? πŸ™‚

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