Dylan and Cooper Clarke – the Cool as Fuck Twins

A few posts back, I mentioned that Bob Dylan c1965/66 looked cool as fuck:

It was the whole look for me then – the hair which predated Hendrix, the occasional wearing of shades, tab collar shirt buttoned up but with no poncey tie, the Cuban heeled boots, the tight trousers, Italian suits, polka dot shirts – they all combined to make a real impression on the 14 year old that I was at the time.

I actually managed to get most of that look, too – except the hair…but it’s too fucking late for that now…

Of course, this was all secondary to the music, but between him and Clapton in the Mayall band and then Cream this was my look for the rest of the 60s.

So, when this guy came along, quite a few years later, and I saw his picture in Melody Maker, I just had to listen to him.

Yes, it’s John Cooper Clarke – the Bard of Salford.

Of course, although he looked like Dylan c1965/66 and was therefore cool as fuck too, he sounded nothing like him.

But that didn’t matter, because he was fucking brilliant.

He didn’t disappoint.

I’m not going to write much – I’ll let the guy’s work speak for itself.

Suffice to say that after a period on smack, the guy’s making a comeback and I hope he continues to perform and entertain.

If you haven’t got his ‘Snap Crackle and Bop’ album – why the fucking fuck not? Buy it here.

It’s a work of total fucking genius and is even more relevant today than it was back in 1980.

A couple of JCC YouTube clips for you – Beasley Street – fantastic lyrics here – and Evidently Chickentown – equally fantastic lyrics here (have fun finding them!) and apologies for the ‘bloody’ video version:


6 Responses

  1. He’s a star.
    And the only person to play himself in ‘Control’, the Ian Curtis biopic. Hasn’t changed a bit. (Ok, thinner than he was, but put that down to the drugs)

  2. ‘kin ‘ell, those are just brilliant!
    I can’t re-visit because I seem to have missed him first time around – a gap that must be filled.

  3. Glad I’ve helped to spread the word.

    He really is fantastic.

  4. That OGWT performance of Beasley Street has a certain “edge” to it that seems not to have made it into the album track (I listened to the sample). He was possibly laying on the Salford accent more heavily, which does add a certain penetrative element.
    Can’t make my mind up whether it’s Vinny Reilly on one of the guitars …

  5. I think you’re spot on with Vini.

    He was in JCC’s band for a while at that time.

    I think that’s a fair comment re the ‘edge’ on that version, although the studio version is nicely produced and sounds good cranked up.

    I chose the Chickentown video because whilst it lacks the visuals of JCC it is the original recording which has that strange looping going on which really adds to the poetry.

  6. I laughed through the whole of Chickentown – the lyrics are right on the mark (and even more so reading the unabridged wordage). As an aside I’m also quite familar with that particular stretch of track (of the rail variety).
    Looking forward to the next leap off the bridge. 🙂

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