Clarkson gets shat on

So, direct action group Climate Rush members have dumped manure on Jeremy Clarkson’s driveway.

One of them had this to say:

I’m the biggest libertarian of them all – I’m dumping dung at Clarkson’s gates so he might understand that his attitude will land us all in the shit.

And who is this self-appointed protector of our planet?

Tamsin Omond, a granddaughter of a baronet who founded Climate Rush

Need I say more?

More about her here, for the masochists reading this, although you probably won’t be able to read it without vomiting copiously every so often…

A week later, it’s the shoot for this story, and Omond turns up wearing a T-shirt that declares “This isn’t about me”. So what is it about, then? “Creating a mass movement on an unprecedented scale. Hundreds and thousands of youths climbing all over carbon-emitting things. And huge social change. I know it’s possible.




If vomiting so hard that you’ll see your own duodenum come absailing out of your nostrils is your ‘thing’ then go here for more Climate Rush jolly japes.

8 Responses

  1. Fucking twats, the lot of them. Stop their giros!

  2. I have to say when I looked at their photo blog I was thinking, ‘I hope I’m not fucking paying for these cunts to do this.’

  3. Jeez, what a bunch of losers, you can tell the watermelons have lost the argument when they stoop to stunts instead of science and debate.

  4. And He/She says He/She’s a Libertarian?

  5. In the article she claims to be prepared to do anything to slow climate change. Maybe she should give up using bookface (all that electricity doesn’t generate itself)?

  6. What is she wearing on her head?

  7. A deceased Yorkshire Terrier.

  8. […] accuse them of being selfish. We pile dung on their driveways. [Don't get me wrong, I'm all for piling dung on Jeremy Clarkson's driveway, but… ] But all too […]

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