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President Obama in da House of Representatives

So, Joe Wilson called President Obama a liar.

Yes, it was a major breach of etiquette – a bit like someone shouting at the Queen when she’s speaking at the opening of Parliament – and really a rather crass thing to do, but Wilson has since apologised.

However, feelings are running so high in the US – chiefly over Obama’s healthcare plans – that some commentators are now saying some pretty ridiculous things which, in some cases, border on the totally cunting stupid.

One  commentator, whose name escapes me, said that Wilson’s shout is now being interpreted by some on the Left as being racist.

When pressed for a reason, Wilson’s constituency was cited – ‘South Carolina. It’s in the South and they have a history of racism there.’

Well, that’s one way of disposing of half your critics – dismissing them as racist because of where they live.

It reminded me a bit of Ali G when he asks, ‘Is it ‘cos I is black?’

It’s that automatic assumption that you’re criticising a person because of what they are rather than what they say, and it’s rapidly developing into an artform here in the UK, when people are too scared to express their views for fear that they will be accused of some sort of prejudice.

Some people aren’t too scared, however.

And since when did we become so scared of the truth?

Ooh…about 1997 or so…


6 Responses

  1. That’d be Jimmy Carter then, the pointless cunt that he is.

    Indeed the knee-jerk racist card is as predictable as it is tedious. I mean sometimes you just need to call a spade a spade.

    Oh, hang on…

  2. Mrs Shark is the least racist person I’ve ever known and even she thought it was a stupid thing to say.

  3. mrsff is going to hate you when she reads this post and realises the inspiration for my latest photoshopping exploits .. .. .. .. that’s another evening in front of the computer sorted 😀

  4. I await the results with anticipation.

    The photoshopping – not the earful from Mrsff.

    Will I get a hat tip?

    I only want one to annoy B&D…


    Consider the hat well and truly tipped.

  6. Cap’n, that’s sheer class!

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