Mandy Guevara

Fucking heil

Where do you fucking start with this?

The government must not “lose our nerve” in dealing with the recession, Lord Mandelson has said.

In a speech in London, the business secretary said Labour should have “the mindset of insurgents who are restless with the status quo, not incumbents”.

I’d have said that the status quo referred to is pretty much down to 12 years of a Labour government.

And now he wants his ‘restless’ party to act against it.

In fact, the truth is all there, it’s just that this devious marmoset-fucking streak of ring-cheese has attributed some of the feelings he describes to the wrong fucking people.

It’s a large proportion of the British population that is restless – not the Labour Party, which is simply shitting itself at the thought of losing the next General Election.

As for insurgents…well, I think we’ll see more of those coming from outside the Labour Party rather than from within it as we continue to be stripped of our freedoms in the name of an unrealistically expensive and misguided drive towards equality for all and lots of free money for those who rely on the State to impose equality rather than make an effort to try and gain it for themselves.

And most of us won’t like some of those insurgents…particularly those with VOLE tattooed across their lefthand knuckles…

Instead of simply saying, ‘We fucked up, now we’ll fuck off’ – which is what an election this year would amount to – the fatally-wounded Labour Party has chosen to portray itself as some sort of  band of radical freedom fighters who’ve had enough of the same old shit.

Which, ironically, is how most people think about the Labour Party…

Utter, utter cunts.


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  1. The other thing that made me laugh during his snore fest of a speech was how he kept going on about reform in the health service and education, fucking hell they have had 12yrs and it still needs fucking reforming.

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